Occupation re-established in Melbourne at the State Library

A group of participants in Occupy Melbourne have resisted eviction at the State Library and are camping out tonight in what is being called a re-occupation.

Occupy Melbourne met at 12pm on the 29th of October at State Library, and went to Treasury Gardens and Bowen Place, where both were consecutively decided as unsafe to occupy. The second General Assembly of the day voted to return to State Library and attempt a reoccupation.

Update: WTF happened at Occupy Melbourne on Saturday?
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A reoccupation commenced on the State Library forecourt, where up to 70 people at any time talked and slept and planned out of the rain. While State Library Security indicated they would call the police at 9.30pm, it was 11pm before the police arrived. Police gave a half an hour warning that occupiers had been asked to leave State Library property, including the lawns.

Approximately 7 people stayed on the lawns when asked to move, and were forceably removed. One was handcuffed and put in a Police van, but then released. All participants were placed on the footpath.

Within 10 minutes the Occupy Group returned to the grass of the State Library, where, at the time of writing, 30 people were preparing to bed down for the night, with police indicating they would allow the group to stay.

Update: We stayed the whole night sleeping without structures under blankets and tarps in the rain. About 20 people stayed all the night though Still raining so people coming down with signs and support to help hold the space until 4PM is greatly needed to relieve the night crew



Well done everyone,
it was a difficult day for most with the residual fear from last Friday's attack on peaceful assembly still palpable. The fear and the intimidating police presence most likely impacted upon the quality of our decision-making processes. So glad that a smaller, committed group were able to maintain a presence. Peaple will flock in now that its been established.

Hold that line - and let direct democracy grow!

Congrats to fearless re-occupiers. Direct action, autonomy and direct democracy win the day.