Occupy Melbourne statement: Young Aboriginal man admitted to hospital after vicious police attack

Media Release – 3.30 pm Friday OCTOBER 21st 2011Koby James, 21, a young indigenous resident of Melbourne was the last person in the Occupy Melbourne movement to be violently evicted from the city square.

He had the aboriginal flag draped around his shoulders as the police viciously and indiscriminately evicted the Occupy Melbourne movement. Koby James is currently in care with the Victorian Aboriginal health service.

Koby was quoted as saying earlier in the week “Forty percent of Australia’s wealth is in the hands of one percent of the nation’s population, this wealth is used to out-voice the other 99% and buy the destruction of our land.”

Koby also said “The Government has unapologetically lied to Australia to give the nation a feel that what they are doing is right.”

The Aboriginal contingent of the Occupy Melbourne movement came with the blessings of the Wurrunjerri nation elders.