Five arrested at Brisbane military base

Christel Palmer Five Christian pacifists were arrested as part of group of 25 people protesting outside Enoggera army Base in Brisbane today. Enoggera Army base is a major staging point for troops departing for the Afghan war.

The group gathered to mark ten years of what they called an illegal and immoral war in Afghanistan. After a quiet prayer service and songs the group picked up a large banner reading “In the name of God Stop the Wars”, and proceeded to block the main entrance to the base.

Meanwhile others on the side of the road continually read the names of the dead from the Afghan invasion and occupation. Christel Palmer, Sean O’Reilly, Andy Paine, Culley Palmer, and Jim Dowling Knelt in front of the banner and refused to move. They effectively blocked all traffic into the base for over half an hour before being arrested by police.

One of the Arrested, Christel Palmer said, “This was an action in solidarity with people around the world who are resisting war non-violently. We are offering an alternative to never ending war. We act especially in solidarity with the Afghan Youth Peace Volunteers. This brave group of young people are showing the way in Afghanistan by opposing all violence whether by the Taliban, or the Warlords, or the foreign invaders including Australia.”

“We will continue to say no to the killing in Afghanistan and elsewhere. It is time to bring the Australian troops home”

The five were remanded to appear in court later this month.




Thank you to the Brisbane crew for taking this direct action on the 10th anniversary of this unjust and unjustified war which has claimed 30,000 lives so far. Although the majority of Australians are against this war - this is not reflected in public protest. So thank you for keeping the flickering flame of resistance aflame and let's hope that one day we may once again spark a large movement for peace and to finally get Australia out of the bloody U.S. war machine.

You deserved to be arrested you losers because you broke the law. You try and make a difference overseas but continue to defy the laws that makes this country great. If you don't like it GET OUT. We don't want you in our country.

Who is “we”? Who are you to tell anyone to “get out”? Why is it just “your” country? Whom do you want out? How about you leaving the country because I don’t like your bigotry and screeching absence of democratic spirit? By the “we” you obviously can’t mean the 50% of the people in this country not born here themselves or of parents who weren’t. Are you getting that “circle the wagons” phobia? Don’t worry, we won’t harm you. We’ll just ignore you because you’d only stop Australia growing. Get on the side of history, brother, and shed your old bullshit. Welcome in the new Australia!

If laws are bad, it’s a duty to break them. Australia is in an illegal war based on bad law. Or is being in Afghanistan what “makes this country great”? The best description I’ve seen of where we’re at is “Americas derangedly obedient younger warmonger brother”.