Media release: Pro-Choice group condemns domestic violence, condemns use of abortion laws

Pro-Choice Action Collective (PCAC), a local group that is advocating for the repeal of Queensland's anti-abortion laws, condemn the use of these laws in a domestic violence case in Brisbane.

"These charges aren't about domestic violence, these charges are about finding a way to make the abortion laws relevant again," said campaigner Emma Tovell.

"Typically in cases of assault leading to miscarriage a charge of grievous bodily harm is used. We see a direct connection between this case and the abortion charges that were laid on the couple in Cairns in 2009."

"We are very sympathetic towards the woman involved, but don't want to see abortion access in Queensland becoming further restricted as a result".

For more information please contact Emma on 0422 763 225 or Corey on 0438 006 092



Emma and Corey are more concerned about Animals and live export than unborn babies what has the world come too?