Peace Convergence convener in Court in Rockhampton

Media Release July 27 2011 Graeme Dunstan (68), Convener of Peace Convergence 2011, will be in Rockhampton Magistrates Court Friday 29 July. He will be facing charges arising from his role in assisting Bryan Law in his ploughsharing of the brand new $36 million Australian Army Tiger helicopter at Rockhampton airbase on 21 July. The charges, include two counts of wilful damage, one of unauthorised entry, and one of possession of tainted property, namely a digital camera.

The ploughsharing of the attack helicopter came as the climax of a three-week period of concerted peace protests against Australian engagement in the Afghanistan war and the US Alliance.

The protests took place in Rockhampton region and elsewhere across Australia and led to 24 arrests being made of 17 different people in actions which included blockades and disruption of military operations.

"While polls show between 60-70% of Australians want out of the US led War on Afghanistan, few have the courage and determination to be visible and active in their dissent," said Dunstan.

"All praise and gratitude to the courage of the few, for their acts of conscience and their living truth speak louder than the Tv numbed and silent majority, the deceivers in the corporate media and the lies and moral turpitude of our elected representatives."

"I don't feel any regret or remorse for my role in assisting Bryan Law and his dramatic act of dissent."

"In my eyes, Bryan acted in good faith and with exemplary moral conscience.

"In this dark time of permanent war and government lies, I am proud to say that he is a noble and uplifting friend of mine."

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Graeme's 22 July record of interview with the CIB available here: