Talisman Sabre Peace Pilgrimage walkers arrested

Media Release 20th July 2011 Margaret Pestorius, Andy Paine and Robert Jones, the Three Jaegerstaetter Amigos, who trespassed into the Shoalwater Training Facility intent on hindering and disrupting the Talisman Sabre Exercise have been arrested and transferred to the Rockhampton Watchhouse.

After three days the trio had themselves arrested by blockading military transport within the Training Area.

The trio treated their trespass as a peace pilgrimage dedicated to the Blessed Franz Jaegerstaetter, the Austrian villager who spoke out against the Nazis, refused military service, was arrested, beheaded in 1943 and beatified in 2007.

Amongst other things, the Three Jaegerstaetter Amigos built and left a shrine to the Blessed Franz Jaegerstaetter within the Training Area.

The trio will appear at the Rockhampton Magistrates Court at 9.15 am tomorrow to face charges of trespass and obstruction.