Assange faces court in London 12th/13th of July

Julian Assange is appealing is extradition to Sweden to face questioning in the politically motivated rape investigation. He was in court on the 12-13th of July. A judgement is due three weeks from this date. Assange has been the victim of character assassination and there have been many calls for him to be killed by high profile U.S. figures. There is plenty of evidence Assange's extradition is part of an attempt to ultimately have him extradited to the US where he is likely to feel the full wrath of the Empire, an Empire comprehensively exposed by WikiLeaks revelations. In the UK a small group of activists including Australian peace activist Ciaron O'Reilly have gathered in solidarity at the court and are having a public meeting. Disapointingly it appears no-one has organised a solidarity event in Australia to coincide with the court. Like other war resisters like Bradley Manning, Julian deserves solidarity as both a peace activist and champion of the free press.
Solidarity actions in the UK:UK Indymedia feature on extradition -- Turkish TV clip of solidarity action at court -- Ciaron's O'Reilly's account of the first day in court -- Supporters speak outside the court -- Ciaron O'Reilly's report on day 2 in court

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Protest outside court in London: July 12th

Julian enters court

Julian Assange enters court

Julian leaves court on Day 2 of hearing

Mainstream press coverage of trial

Blog on the Guardian of case


Poster for public meeting in London

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poster for London Meeting width=