Australian Labor Party government commits a crime against society

Labours – people's party or criminals? Open letter

Crime against society


Adelaide 31/5/11




Is it possible to represent and fulfil everybody's wish and desire?

Don't labours claim that they represent all of us? Don't labours take all of our money in taxes and other charges? Don't labour make rules affecting all of us?

What are the duties and responsibilities of the labour rulers?

As they claim they are responsible for everything and for us, for our health, safety, law, peace and order.

In practice none of that is true. All is even worse than a lie. It is a deliberate manipulation and definitely no responsibilities for anything labour impose on society.

This is not a comparison of labours with other parties in Australia nor elsewhere, it is just a summary of the criminal activity, the antisocial activity of not just one corrupt Premier or leader, but a whole party. It is shown even in corrupt media that labours have no policy nor idea of how to govern the country for the benefit of society. The facts are much worse than the mainstream media shows. Not it is not just my opinion, it is beyond an opinion, the facts are that labours have no policy no logical, and effective policy on anything. This is when the society is the priority. The only goal the labour have is to stay at the top.

From the ordinary citizen point of view the situation is even much worse. The labours act like an organised crime, like Mafia and like psychopaths.

Like a Mafia it is because Mafia does not do what is good for people, what is just and fair to all, but what is good for Mafia.

Like psychopaths, and this is perhaps even worse than Mafia, because labours acts are not much different to the main characteristic of psychopaths. Lies, manipulation, and antisocial acts is what labours do.


First let me give briefly bring some specific issues and later the general implication.


Responsibilities, are virtually none. By stating all, no one or everyone it does not necessarily mean it in an absolute term but in general terms. It is like stating that Russia was communist it does not mean that every individual was, it meant that nation was communist. Also if someone find some exceptions that someone at some stage have taken responsibilities or delivered something good for society, it does not mean that labours are responsible or do what is good for society, it does mean that it is very rare exception.

Normally none of the so called public servants take no responsibilities for anything they decide or do. And the higher the position the less responsibilities and more harm done to society. This on it's own is not only unfair but it is a sure way to establish corruption and lawlessness.


Antisocial Universities by labour policy and desire.

Here without going to very specific details, I state what I have actually experienced.

Severely mentally ill lady studied a social science and she also got a part time job to care for homeless children in shelters. She had periods of violent epizodes and had some very wild sexual fantasies. She was trusted to work unsupervised whole day and night with young boys, boys from dysfunctional families. She behaved at times in such a way that she was reported to police for her abuse and threats all intertwined with her sexual fantasies. University took no notice when reported and allow her to graduate and potentially be in charge over the poor, children from dysfunctional families.


Univesity senior staff is free to offend anyone and abuse and nothing can be done about it. Police will not take any action nor court because universities are under a parliamentary privilege. Parliament and relevant ministers do not take any notice because universities act according to antisocial policy of labour.


More on antisocial policy of universities will be mentioned in other part next.


Government and road safety.

Road safety is just a cliché, labour has anti safety policy, nothing to do with actual safety. Police nor, the road transport, nor minister not the premier, nor any figure at federal level have any policy to even consider the safety on the road. No it is not just an opinion, labours cannot possibly ensure safe roads because they have antisocial policy to implement. The road rules are not designed to ensure safety but to raise taxes or revenue. The rules are not known nor designed to be known in whole by all drivers including police drivers and elderly and young drivers. They are far too big and complex for that. They are illogical and often introduce a conflicting situations. The rules ask drivers to behave in dangerous manner. Rules deliberately make so called rules unclear and impossible for an ordinary driver to behave properly because they were created to leave a full and exclusive interpretation to police and judges only. It is impossible for an ordinary driver to know before hand and avoid situation where police can later charge them.


Even if some rules are good, police and the system refuse to take reports of dangerous drivers and to take corrective action against them and to ensure it is not likely to occur again. Police does not accept drivers word nor video evidence against dangerous drivers. Police does not want to know that 90% and more drive dangerously. Police refuse to enforce the rules of safe driving and to punish road offenders. Same apply to all labour ministers and leaders. Lately in SA police will have power to issue a $120 fine according to main stream media when the stop bulb decide to blow while unaware driver is driving.


Police and ministers refer often to the research done by universities when anyone try to challenge them. When one check the university research, there is nothing but a puff. The so called research is nothing but a gossip. When a private individual make own research in road safety, the universities and police and ministers and whole labour government is not interested to accept this free result and the method to have the starting point. This does mean that labour policies are based on fantasies and not on facts and when presented with facts they turn their heads away. Universities continue to consume lots of public money and produce nothing. University officials do abuse and offend you if you try to ask them to stop the corruption and actually accept the cooperation aimed to start the actual research on road safety. They abuse you and you cannot do anything against them as already described earlier due to immunity to prosecution.

Public health is another lie. Labour has a policy of sickness and not health. To start with is the drug industry monopoly and tied with it an orthodox medicine which is dependant on those drugs. Apart from drugs being absolutely necessary in only some situations, they are in general very dangerous and harmful to humans. It is actually a crime on it's own to administer them to humans the way they are.

Well the drug monopoly tied up with a compulsory Medicare, actually makes the nation not healthier but sicker.

As the monopoly is concerned it is absolutely wrong and the proper way is not really to give monopoly to the natural healers though they may produce much better results in many cases but a proper way is to give the society a choice. It could be done simply by providing subsidies for everything from any drugs through all herbs, healthy food, aromatherapy, sport and music. Sure it is not feasible, therefore no Medicare subsidy is fair. It seems that the only sensible subsidy and free service under a national scheme should be in some only cases. It would include a true emergency, palliative care, births, deaths, and serious mental care and so on.


The patient should have a choice to go to the doctor when having an arthritis or cold or anything or to a naturopath. Only the effective modalities would survive when monopoly would be removed.


So called public health is also absolutely neglected by the labours. Death and unnatural death is a serious health problem. I mean the road lawlessness cause lots of unnatural deaths and minister for health does not care about asking the government to ensure road safety. The daily drama on the road, so much adrenaline is being wasted by unruly drivers. Excuse me, who are the unruly drivers? All drivers which are a result of road lawlessness policy by labours. Cycling on the roads is extremely dangerous and labours refuse to implement a simple measures to make cycling safe and ensure all drivers to take responsibilities for their driving. Well the constant stress of driving contributes to worsen or to develop mental problems and also somatic illness.


Food is being sold unhealthy and fast food outlets are allowed to process food to make it even more unhealthy. They use unhealthy oils, they heat the oil almost to the flash point and sell people under a labour watch.

Stress and deliberate stress we endure everyday by introducing antisocial policy of dog negligence. In SA it is called dog management. The minsters and dog and cat management board, the local councils all consume lots of public money only to ensure that all dog owners do what they wish and they wish to be negligent. Dogs do attack other dogs, attack people and they cry, bark extensively being neglected. In SA it is legal to be a negligent dog owner and to neglect own dog and subject one to cruelty. The effect are detrimental to society. Labours are determined to keep it that way and some people are so desperate that they take a matter in own hands. In SA the only sure way to stop nuisance barking dog is to kill one in anger! This is an actual policy of labours in SA. The situation is not much better in other states.

The dog mismanagement much more serious than it looks at first. This is a situation worth to look at closer.

It is a clear example of wide spread corruption.

It is a clear example of dog negligence and cruelty by policy.

It is a clear example of lawlessness as labour rulers make sure not to amend legislations which ensures all dog owners to take full responsibilities for their dogs which depend on them in 100%.

It is a clear example of failure to ensure the peace.

It is a clear example of failure to care for public health and this expose people to a chronic stress.

It is a clear example of disorder and ensures lawlessness.

It is a clear example that public interest is irrelevant.

It is also a case that labour behave like psychopaths. There is no negligence in labour dictionary, nor definition of negligence in dog management policy nor anything done to ensure it is eradicated. The labour policy disallow mentioned agencies to accept the reports of negligence and disturbance day and night.

When the dogs are not chosen properly, not trained properly, the owner has absolutely no responsibilities and dog is barking 3-4 hours a day and often many more hours and everyday and wakes you before sun rise and does not let you sleep well after a midnight and it is all year round if it happen that every second house hold have dog like that in some areas, it is a serious negligence and lawlessness. When you have to run away from your home because you cannot stand the whole day and whole night of barking, and it happens over and over and the government does not care for your plea to bring peace and order, does ignore the supporting letters of doctor, Salvation Army and friends to whom you run to accept you overnight, it is very serious lawlessness. When an Ombudsman is useless it is serious lawlessness.


There is more animal negligence than just dogs. There are hens, pigs and most other animals including seemingly pointless live animal export.


It does not have to happen and as in case of dogs it is very noticeable and affecting us directly and very badly, the caged hens and pigs do harm us as a source of unhealthy food.


And if we sell animals exported alive only to satisfy the desire some religion, it is immoral and not right.

Energy waste in SA and perhaps in other states is wide spread not because someone is too busy or have made a simple mistake. This waste is because society has absolutely nothing to say, it is because the Premier and his government are not responsible nor accountable to society, it is because the party does not care about society and is not accountable to society.


There are number of energy waste issues but one of the most visible is the street lamps turned on 24/7. Technically and organisationally it is not a problem at all. I've paid attention while in Melbourne, they have no such problem as Adelaide. So it is possible to make the lamps working as they should, just at night and not during a day. From this can even be said that Labour Party want energy waste in SA.

Also if the Premier and his ministers were responsible, such a waste would be impossible. Someone would long time ago sue them in court.

Now they do and nobody even mention in main stream media. I stopped complaining on individual lamps or groups of lamps to ETSA and to minister when minister told me that it is not his but my problem.

This waste represent all other waste. They waste, we pay. They decide, we must pay the consequences.


It is rather certain that the carbon tax will be introduced. Not because it is necessary or good, but because the government know how to manipulate it. The government lie to us that it is to punish the polluters. In case of the street lamps, the polluters are Premiers and ministers and we will be punished for their wasteful decisions. We already pay and will pay much more. This is also a way to ensure that corruption is carried out on mass scale.

Thinking on the energy and carbon tax according to the official lies that it is to reduce the unnecessary energy expense, I also thought about dogs.

In Adelaide it is estimated there are about a million dogs and they require lots of meat to eat. It has to be brought home from shops, it must be handled, it must be transported from shops to homes and from factories to shops and so on. Lots of meat must be used or as some may say wasted. Meat production is energy intensive. Because it is absolutely non essential for human society, it should be taxed quite heavily just for the carbon tax reasons. I suspect it will not be, only because the dog owners are a valuable voters.


There is no need to spent lots of time on energy waste than necessary. I postulate that in SA street lamps would be eliminated in no time when the decision makers would be made responsible for their decisions. Simply if the Premier and energy minister paid for the street lamps from own pocket, they would not waste energy. Because they spend our money, they waste it.



Social issues.

There is a government and society. Them and us. The government lies that one care and serve the society. The government exploits the society. If any individual in society does something wrong or not wrong but government decide to punish one, they do and there is no way to avoid it.

When the Premier, the minister or any one in the government Mafia does something wrong, that's it, and nobody can make them accountable. The first thing when entering the government and so called public service, is granting themselves an immunity from responsibilities for own decisions.

Therefore it is clear that states and whole country is ruled by irresponsible people. More often than not they act in criminal manner. Exposing society to a constant danger on the road and to unhealthy foods and other health hazards is a criminal matter.

If Mr X use the electricity from public outlet without paying for it, it is a criminal offence. When government use the public energy and fail to pay for it, it is a criminal offence.

Government when says that they care for homeless people... they lie. The government creates homelessness and does everything it is that way. Most likely to have a control over people. Government acts directly harming people and vulnerable children, destroys families and lives of people just because they are non accountable.

Government destroys families by their thousands. This creates an army of semi orphan children, children deprived of their natural fathers. This is contrary to an official lies, directly against the best interest of innocent children. The consequences are very serious. All children of separated and divorced parents do suffer in some degree a Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) and most often also the Stockholm syndrome among others. Mental problems and inferior academic achievement and work are among consequences.


Children are harmed for no reason and this is labelled as their best interest.


Fathers are deprived of their children usually for no reason. Family is being destroyed almost always permanently. Such fathers are made homeless, acting in desperation and often committing the crime against own children and former wife and self as well as society. It is all orchestrated by the state.

Officially the state uses a stupid excuses that divorce is given without any guilt, any cause as it is impossible to establish.

This part is true. It is usually impossible to establish the guilt and often it is mutual. Knowing this, it is only logical not to interfere with the family in crises. As we know from the famous judgement of the King Solomon that children and I say families are non dividable.

Or if the situation is very serious like the violence, than there is a guilty party and one must take the blame and consequences. However even if man become an alcoholic it is often for a reason. This reason is not overwhelmed happiness but unhappiness. Again uneasy to judge.

If government only wanted to help society and the family in crises, one would help well. Imagine that judges and lawyers were paid only for each saved family and nothing for damaged.

First of all, if judges wanted to engage in it. Secondly suppose they had to, they would find solution which would not ended with divorce. There are sociologists, psychologists, and other specialists who would and should help them, who would fix the problem not destroy the family.


There are plenty of good solutions. Supposedly one spouse got bored or for any trivial reason decided to leave the marriage and if we had just a basic justice system he/she would not be able to take half the wealth of the family. It is actually illogical to do so. I refer here to the well known situation when the lady gets married for a wealthy man and in two years time she divorce and claim half of the wealth. We saw it on tv. How about taking marriage seriously and family as the real wealth of the nation. No, not homosexuals but a natural family. When one spouse leaves, he/she leaves the family home and wealth with the family and walk free. Free not necessarily without a consequences. If one spouse leaves without a justifiable reason, one is responsible for compensation to the children and left spouse.


I bring my example in brief and only a few selected incidents.

We have lived a perfect life as described by our friends. Since wife got involved with a fanatical religious sect, we started to argue. They were just argues but for us it was absolutely out of normal.

Sect pushed my wife to court and court deprived me of our four children for no reason to my wife and in practice to the fanatical sect. Than they took my home leaving me on the street and I was arrested for living on the street and Housing Trust refused to grant me an accommodation. I was also arrested for asking the decision makers that is federal politicians to return my kidnapped by system children and my home and for justice. I was jailed in total for 9 months. My only guilt was that I was a perfect father and husband. Officially the court made the decision which is the best interest for our children.

Now years later, all children have problem with seeing me. They want on one hand and cannot on the other hand. They have no idea why and refuse to take any steps to re-conciliate.

For no reason the school officials disallowed me to see my children on school ground. My children were brainwashed by the sect to avoid me their father and it was in the name of Jesus. The sect did and does to my knowledge gather on the ground of public school for their activities. I've tried over the years to report abuse of my children but police refused to take this report, and all institutions refused.

Let me state clearly. It is unnatural and wrong to interfere by anyone with family affairs. It is even worse when such interference is done without a good reason. It is tragic when irresponsible government and judge kidnap children from the perfect father and hand them out in care of the fanatical religious sect and troubled mother. I deliberately do not elaborate on my wife's problems as it is irrelevant to the case. It is sufficient that she is under influence of the sect and provided our children for the sect brain washing.

It is a crime and out most of stupidity for all parliamentarians and judges to destroy lives of my children and my life and also my wife.

It may look biased but if, I repeat if children had to be taken from one parent it should definitely be not from me. The children are being very seriously hurt. Only one issue should show the gravity of the problem. One of the child become suicidal not too long after the separation.


Overall, for no reason all federal politicians and engaged judges have effectively kidnapped our four children. They have for no reason destroyed the family. They have robbed me of my family home and content and jailed me for asking for justice.


All of that is a crime against my family and crime against society. Only criminals and terrorists can do it. Kidnapping is a hallmark of terrorists and Mafia.


Some people have some doubt if my story is true. It is quite illogical doubt. Since the legislation require no reason for divorce or separation and all the rest is the consequence. Ironically the government and system lies that all is in the best interest of my children. All paedophiles clime that their action is good for children. How stranger that is magistrate can take away my children for no reason??? It is insane. How one can give my children for no reason in care of fanatical sect for brain washing? It is insane.


Because this happens on a mass scale, such a ruining and destruction of life and negligence and injustice is a crime against society! Kidnapping , forcibly making people homeless and jailing for demand for justice is a most serious of crimes.


Final words

Government of SA, government of Australia can do all of that because the whole government is corrupt and there is no effective control by society. All above indicate a lawlessness.

This is in described and mentioned areas as road lawlessness, public health, dogs negligence and mismanagement. Family law, general law, energy waste and many more.


In order to stop and reverse this problem, a true accountability of all politician and so called public servants is absolutely necessary. A full transparency is absolutely necessary. It is society and not the rotten politicians must control how much money they get and what they do with public money.

It is absolutely necessary to establish the public information processing office in all capital cities to start with. The office should accept all the public input on any serious and trivial issues. It may be the case of local hoon activity, the faulty street lamp, pot hole, serious family argument across the road, the road incident, the theft, any anything at all. The office employee would register and allocate to the relevant department or ministry to process and pass back results to the person who reported. This would be open for public scrutiny and be independent from the government.

Society would be able to assess how many people tried to contact Premier Rann and how many were satisfied with results or received no reply. We would know which council ignore the dog problem reports and fixing road and so on.

We would have a record of how many people asked their local MP on any given issue weather political or economic or local. We would see if a given MP fixed the problem or simply ignored it.


This method would be very fair and then we would know what the politicians get our money for. It is as clear as paying to the plumber.


At present if we compare the Premier or any other politician with the plumber, it looks like that.


Plumber come to your home upon your complaint of a leaky pipe. (if one come at all) and does the job the way one want and not the way you want. One can leave it unfinished or in worse condition than one took. Than the plumber demand you to pay and to pay as much as one want to. You have only one option' to pay or face severe punishment. As it is insane to allow to have such a plumber so insane is to allow to continue our politicians to operate same way.


Any one can and should dig deep in any walk of life and find out how ineffective or corrupt the government is. My experience is that government has no policy for anything to help society but only care for own interests which usually are antisocial. All findings must be published for all to assess and decide.


We must stop this huge lawlessness and start to live as free and democratic nation. Nobody ask you or me what we wish on any issue. The decisions are made without asking us for our wish nor if we accept their wish. Worse than that. We are not allowed to protest, our protest is always ignored.


Well, please do not take my report for granted. Make your own research, confirm and share with others, demand a change in governance of the nation.


Labor Party demand the loyalty of their members but to whom the party is loyal? Certainly not to an Australian society. Well there is no visible evidence that Labor Party care for individual citizens, including innocent and powerless children and for the whole nation.


Taking dog negligence and cruelty, one must conclude that it is not just a laziness. Normal people could not do it. Officials deliberately and persistently support the legislation which allow irresponsibility, negligence and misery to animals and humans. It is a very serious mental derangement like psychopathy which allow them to do that. Cruelty to animals is one only aspect but destroying peoples families and lives in particular the innocent children is another and road lawlessness is another again. It is a high time that irresponsible and deviants like psychopaths are excluded from government! Labour Party seem unable to provide normal responsible people.


You make more sense than any other useless self serving politician out there - you should run for pm

I agree dude. I wrote to these leeches the following letter. U think they replied? Zilch.
Coz they know its all true. All they want is us to work like slaves so they can feed their dat asses.
Well screw that! I been on the dole for six years and will continue to do so til i get all the tax paid to
mongrels back in my my pocket. As for global warming, i dont see stkilda beach rising!


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Submitted on Tue, 16 Aug 2011 23:41:30 +1000

Title: Mr
First name: arthur
Country: Australia
Subject: RIP OFF
I would like to say that the Labour has made me sick in the stomach. It has
lied to voters about the Carbon Tax, which will be like a drop in the ocean
towards climate change, compared to China and India. It wastes so much money
on things that are of no use. Like the Carbon Tax Advertising that no one
wants to know about! Desal plant which we wont even use as we have plenty of
water now! Myki system which is still unstable! Roads being reduced to one
lane where traffic is highest! Immigration overload which has polluted our
society! Speed Cameras which are just for revenue raising! Billions of Tax
Payers money wasted while they struggle to live day to day and u continue to
give yourselves pay rises. I pray to GOD that one day you will suffer
for the suffering you have caused to innocent people just to fill your
bottomless pockets! I cant believe i voted for you Leeches!

i wouldn't be complaining about the roads if i lived in adelaide.adelaide has the best roads in australia.
the roads in sydney are shithouse. we pay huge taxes, have the greatest population and road users yet we cant even get our roads fixed up.they are a carpark full of potholes. the rta and councils seem to just waste our money on administration, putting up useless safety and speed cameras at every major intersection just for further revenues.take a good guess what the lack of infrastructure that is in nsw is due to - the 16 years term previous labor government. lets hope that the new liberal government keeps its election promises - only time will tell.

> roads in sydney are shithouse

roads in sydney are glamorous over engineered extravagance.

the only thing that is shit house is motorists sense of entitlement.

car's hold up traffic.

wtf - extravagance! you must be blooming mad! how much more do sydneysiders have to pay in their fuel and taxes not to mention car expenses and tolls just to sit putting in a car park just to make a living, or be squashed like a sardine in a train.
you are a wanker that obviously works from home or lives in a hole underground, is a politician or is on the dole either way your a problem and not the solution.
get rid of cars easy for you but not for everyone else - ok they first fix the overpopulation problem in sydney and encourage people to move to regional areas.
then they counteract the first policy by destroying skilled and unskilled immigration labour opportunities in regional areas and wheres the work einstein they all come back to sydney to live on welfare and housing commission, then spend years on welfare to learn english and get funded to have a tertiary education at the taxpayers expense and take good jobs from australians. they buy up all our land and agriculture and food supply and make it impossible for non communists trying to hold and aquire private property.
The labour pollies should stop pulling the immigration lever stop destroying australian jobs and primary industry and make housing affordable in line with wages.
wake up to yourself and see the shit one lane roads in nsw especially all of sydney IS ONLY THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG if you can be bothered to grow some balls and venture out to the wild west if you can manage to get your head out of yours or someone elses arse, you useless greenie snotnose.

> which will be like a drop in the ocean towards climate change, compared to China and India.

we are a drop in the ocean compared to china/india... so your saying that the carbon tax is our fair share... i completely agree

actually per capita we are far worse then china/india so really we should cut harder and faster.

hey here is the same wanker who lives in a bubble in la la land,who thinks that motorists that risk there lives on sydney roads everyday are not entitled to complain about the standards that we should expect for an overfed taxing government. we should not be paying a cent for this bogus hoax on humanity called global warming not until the rest of the unsigned major polluters and destroyers of the earth china, india and the usa, sign the kyoto protocol, this carbon bullshit tax is just a smokescreen for foreign commercial dictatorship BY the un and chronies and the destruction of western economies and creation of the ruling class and working poor, there you go a communist dictatorship and UNLIKE you oh great wanker I PUT IT IN PLAIN ENGLISH.

> this bogus hoax on humanity called global warming

sorry i didn't realise you rejected science, personally i think science is pretty awesome. but if you want to believe in unicorns and fairies then its a free country and ill die to protect your right to do so.

> just a smokescreen for foreign commercial dictatorship BY the un and chronies

unicorns and fairies

You are a real wanker. I know more science than you think- where is the water powered car invented by a southern australian?
the trees that clean the earths air surround the artic tundra circles in the northern hemisphere no one is logging them. We are victims of engineered disasters, yes that is right wanker, there is man made technology that can control and manipulate the weather create, hurricanes, storms, tsunamis, earhquakes and floods its called by its evil inventors population control of the goyim.Why arent you fighting for ending nuclear wars and energy production?
We have every right to proclaim better roads in this country especially when it was the pigs that allowed these ugly beasts liars and communists green snots to introduce these shit house save a tree laws at the expense of human life and property.
The least the pigs can do is give us better facilities and roads, we friggen pay for them you wanker!
Die for the people who love you and will mourn your loss not these trolls. Michael Jackson was right - all I wanna say is that they dont really care about us.WAKE UP WANKER!