Queensland Security Intelligence agents torture and arrest young judicial corruption victim

Because Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has banned TV news cameras from parliament, the public has no idea what happened to my son on 25 November 2010 when we were both ejected from parliament and my son Jordan Nash was assaulted by the SIB and then arrested for no reason.

On 13 March 2011 Jordan was arrested a second time by SIB Detective Senior Constable, Adam Hankinson on false charges as he waited to go inside the Toowoomba Community Cabinet forum. Jordan had intended addressing Anna Bligh on being denied access to public service on equal terms in his very own country for a very long time and on being denied media attention.

Jordan wanted to tell Anna Bligh a second time that his local Labor MP, John Mickel the speaker of parliament continues to deny him as a local constituent. Mr Mickel has consistently denied him electoral representation.

When SIB Detective Adam Hankinson arrested Jordan a second time at Toowoomba without showing us an arrest warrant, the media was present, but again the matter went unreported. The government and the opposition have refused to comment on the claims my son and I made in the media and we continue to be denied as Australian citizens and local constituents.

Even though arresting officer Hankinson told me on 25 November 2010, Jordan did nothing wrong inside parliament when he unlawfully arrested him on the false charge of obstructing police, Snr Const Hankinson arrested Jordan at Toowoomba on 13 March 2011 a second time and charged him with seriously assaulting SIB staff in the public gallery of parliament 3½ months earlier.

When we were both ejected from parliament on 25 November 2010, Jordan was charged together with me with fail to comply with the direction of the speaker. Jordan appeared on this charge in the Brisbane Magistrates Court in Dec 2010, Jan 2011 and Feb 2011, but the media did not report this. And police never mentioned staff was injured while arresting my son in parliament until they arrested Jordan a second time at Toowoomba out of the blue some 3½ months later.

Shadow Attorney General Jarrod Bleijie told me via email on 28 November 2010, he would look into my complaint, but I never heard any more from him and all my communications with his office have been ignored.

Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard told me at the Clontarf Community Cabinet forum on 2 December 2010 she would now look into our complaint. However, she has since ignored all my communications with her office.

As Jordan has been consistently denied political representation and media attention, I have put his story on youtube and Vimeo. Be advised the regime has blocked access to my videos from public libraries, but it plays okay from private computers and overseas.

The first youtube video is an abridged version without explanatory notes titled:
Queensland Intelligence agents arrest and torture bullied schoolboy and corruption victim

I have put the longer and much more detailed version with explanatory notes of my first video on Vimeo, because it exceeds youtube’s maximum 15 minutes time limit. http://vimeo.com/27804971
Queensland Intelligence agents arrest and torture bullied schoolboy and corruption victim (video 1)

Vimeo is a trusted New York based website and is used by some media companies. They are less well known than youtube, but also allow users to upload videos. If you are still not sure, just Google Vimeo, or visit the Web of Trust website for a safety rating.

The second youtube video, which shows Jordan’s sudden abduction by a large SIB taskforce is shorter and explains what happened at the Toowoomba Community Cabinet forum.
Toowoomba Protester Abduction (video 2) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwCXAceVDKI

Jordan has been arraigned to appear in Court # 20 of the Brisbane Magistrates Court on 7 July 2011 for a summary trial without jury on the false charge of seriously assaulting police on 25 November 2010. Under the Australian Constitution, people indicted on charges are to be tried by a jury. However, due to juristocracy, Jordan will be tried by a single, politically appointed judge, who will act as judge, jury and executioner and that breaches his fundamental human rights under the Australian Constitution.

I find it extraordinary Australian Human Rights Commissioners are willing to speak for convicted murderers, as mentioned in the article Push to pay Chinese killer $500,000 http://www.smh.com.au/national/push-to-pay-chinese-killer-500000-2011053... but are not willing to advocate for my innocent Australian born son, who is wrongfully persecuted, denied media attention and political advocacy by his elected member of parliament.

As I mentioned in my Brisbane Times blog comment http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland/mps-deride-nuttalls-pleas-for... (Jennifer Nash – Logan – May 12, 2011, 4:20PM), I am outraged former Queensland Labor MP Gordon Nuttall, who is serving a lengthy jail term for corruption, is allowed to address parliament for over ½ hour, but I am denied the fundamental right to be heard, and my son and I are denied the fundamental right to protection by society and the state.

This is so wrong!

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I believe you Jennifer Nash. Your court recordings were also doctored. You are not alone, my audio recording of my hearing has also been doctored. We are not the only ones to have had this done to us. It is about time this criminal behavior is stopped. The law is not above the law.

Thank you Marlene. I and sorry to hear you are another Queensland judicial corruption victim. You are right, there is a rule of law, and nobody is above the law or beneath the law!

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