Climate change action vs anti-climate science rally

Both rallies where well attended, would guess several hundred to a thousand more at the Climate Action Rally, (But really the attendance was very similar and a debate on numbers would be a distraction from the real issue).

More corporate media at the Anti Climate Science rally. Lots of independent media at the Climate Action Rally (where does it all go?).

Much older, whiter, male and over weight crowd at the anti science rally, would assume that most of the crowd had traveled some distance and made an effort to get there. Colorful and diverse crowd at the Climate Action Rally, lots of families, students and music.

Didn't hear much of the Climate Action Rally as i left for the Anti Science rally not long after getting there. The Anti Science rally was pretty shallow the first speaker i heard said Australia and New Zealand is only X% of the population, the following speaker (from said we produce Y% of the worlds CO2 (the astute listener would notice that Y was several times more then X). Stupid claims along the lines of "scientists said that Sydney would run our of water by 2009 but now its raining" and "the Murry darling is full" there for the science is all wrong. Really dumb stuff that 8th grade science could demolish, pretty hard to not think they are not deliberately deluding themselves.

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Attendance was not similar you were out numbered there was a lot less at the climate change conspiracy rally which was made up of a much young skinny under nourished vegetarian uni student unemployed rent a crowd types and if you debate the numbers you lose.
The climate change conspiracy rally had the usual hypotheses twisting facts to suit their views on natural weather patterns.

Indymedia, not enough pics of climate change rally!

Please, look into peer-reviewed science:

And look into this:

Bureau of Meteorology Director Dr Greg Ayers said the observed changes showed climate change was real.

Ivan we all know the weather is changing where the difference occurs is on man made or not.If Dr Greg Ayers and the Bureau of Meteorology could get a seven day forecast right they would have more creditability until then it's all Blah Blah Blah may be you lot could stop breathing to reduce Co2 or go and live on Mars where there is no Co2 and save the world WANKERS

> it's all Blah Blah Blah

You may want to try calling 1300 6555 06

The overwhelming majority of scientists are unequivocal that human activities are causing climate change. From the Australian Academy of Sciences August 2010 statement:

"Human activities are increasing greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere".

"The growth in greenhouse gases has accelerated through the 20th century to the present 90-96 (see Figure 4.1). Studies of the stores and sources of these gases, both natural and human-induced, show that the main causes of the increasing concentrations are emissions from human activities 97-101 (see Figure 4.2). Human activities cause CO2 input to the atmosphere from fossil fuel burning, other industrial sources such as cement production, and deforestation."

"Why are CO2 emissions from human activities regarded as so significant?
Large amounts of CO2 are continually transferred to and from the atmosphere, which exchanges carbon with the oceans and vegetation on land. Until around 200 years ago, these natural exchanges were in rough balance, shown by the nearly constant concentrations of atmospheric CO2 for most of the last two thousand years. The importance of human-caused CO2 emissions is that they are disturbing this balance, adding carbon to the atmosphere faster than it can be removed by uptake by vegetation, the slow mixing of CO2 into the deep oceans, or the even slower weathering processes that control the carbon balance on geological timescales."

From section 4 - Are human activities causing climate change? from the Australian Academy of Sciences August 2010 Policy report - The Science of Climate Change: Questions and Answers.

Takver the majority of scientists say it is a hypotheses or a guess get it right

What a load of bullshit do you believe in the Easter bunny too!!!!

Sorry Gary, the first link pointed to the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, instead of the temperature:

Thanks for the description and pics of both rallies, much appreciated. Just one point: What date were these rallies held on?