Do we need a Middle Eastern study and support group?

With many Middle Eastern countries escalating into social crises, the recent uprisings and the continued conflict spanning throughout the post-World War 2 era; there is much speculation and concern from humanity, regarding the on-going's and history of this region. It may also be the case that the world is approaching a dramatic transition of the international order unprecedented in industrial times. This came to a peak with uprisings that sparked in recent months such as the ousting of dictator Ali Baba in Tunisia, the unfolding situation in Egypt, now Libya as it is being bombed by the U.S, not to mention the various events of neighbouring countries. There is also the problem of continued detention, deportation and oppression of Arab and Muslim people's in western countries, and the racist and prejudice ideas being indoctrinated into many working people, perhaps to prevent labour movement's from achieving unity and bringing about their goals. One can neither rule out the possibility of what would be the worst-case scenario we can foresee resulting from events in the mid east; a US/Israeli sparked nuclear catastrophe.

Clearly then there is need for a more collective attempt to research, understand and work on the many related issues of the region in a global context. If such a study group (call it what you will) were to arise; it's scope, purpose and activities would be determined by the participants. Therefore a call-out such as this should remains strictly to attract interest and discussion around the idea, and perhaps a get-together to create a more solid proposal. Whilst this call out is specific to the location of the author, Melbourne, Australia; there's no reason the idea should not be considered in other places, and put into effect based on the initiative of concerned people with a common desire for more awareness and to contribute towards bringing about justice. Maybe if such a scenario of multiple Middle Eastern support groups in any given country were to arise, it's not impossible to imagine solidarity networks developing out of them. In my opinion such networks could play a useful and needed role in aiding the struggle's of those in the said regions.

For those interested in participating in such a group in Melbourne, email and feel free to circulate the above through your networks.