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A serious, musical, satirical audio trip

credits: excerpts of The Great Dictator, laughing under the Nazis, mainstream media samples, We want Democracy by Klugsch-Eisser, J. Assange on the Arab uprising, Dictator Burnout Counselling, Gadafi's love of his people and George Bush, Song for the Dictator, America - the Arab Dictators, Lets talk Dictators, Zimbabwe by Newstopia, The dictator's guide to the galaxy by Palpatine, Death of Ian Smith by Newstopia, UPS Whiteboard Commercial Evil Dictators, Nike's Shoe Solidarity Campaign, Kim Jong Ill's drop of approval by Onion News, Dating a Dictator by Chick Comedy - music excerpts of Public Enemy, Everybody wants to rule the World, Beatles, 60'S Swing, local live music by Steve, Deb, Wren

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The female list isn't all blank. Jeanne Kirkpatrick was as close to the role of a dictator as a woman could be in the last century, not to mention these toppled in larvae stadium. The deceased United Nations diplomat who preferred authoritarians over totalitarians, you remember? Her petty theory noised out the distinction whether a certain dictator was an improvement or a deterioration for a given country, and her practice preferred the deteriorations over the improvements. Of course authoritarianism and totalitarianism are not mutually exclusive. Authoritarians generally are totalitarians as well, even when sometimes their sheer brutality seems to hamper their grasp for totality, but there also is a totalitarianism of democracy which is at the centre of the threat.

Everything which can be said with regard to the blanket totalitarianism of obvious dictators in so-called pariah states is also valid for the targeted totalitarianism of covert dictators in so-called democratic systems. Egypt is not the only country where political careers went directly from the classified entities of the repressive apparatus into the government, its so-called democratic allies have seen torturers of dissidents enter the political arena as well and they are not any better than Suleiman. A Guttenberg or Palin shooting themselves into the foot rhetorically is even more significant than the demise of a Ben Ali or Mubarak, because a disruption of the resupply of would-be dictators is the only thing which can make the fight against established dictators sustainable in the long term.