Gas exploration faces grassroots stand off in Southern Queensland

“You’ve found your own slice of heaven, a few acres in the country where you’ve set up home. It’s tranquil, it’s peaceful and you’re living the dream. Then one day the gas company calls and it’s not to read the meter. They’ve come to tell you — not ask you, but to tell you — they’re going to build … a gas well, right in your own backyard, and the law says there’s nothing you can do to stop them.”

Gas exploration threatens to foul land and water in prime farmland. More info:


The giant coal seam gas company QGC is intending to move onto the Tara Estates in the near future despite the residents telling the company they will resist them non-violently, if they do.

The Tara residents are fighting a giant multinational mining company that will risk their health, safety and environment, destroy their way of life and leave them nowhere to go.

Whatever happens at Tara will set a precedent for other residential areas around Australia fighting the menace of coal and coal seam gas mining.

Come along to the protest rally outside Parliament House to show your support for the residents of the Tara estates.

 RALLY FOR TARA. 7th of March 





  The Gas and Oil industry is dictating to our government


   Standing up for TARA is standing up for FREEDOM


Where: Parliament House-Brisbane (near Botanic Gardens)
When: From 10 a.m. Monday 7 March (with forum 12 noon-1.30)

Depending on numbers, there may be a bus leaving Tara to go to the Rally- Ph: Debbi for bus details.


Queensland contacts

Michael Bretherick. Western Downs Alliance. 07 46694864

Debbi Orr.  Western Downs Alliance. 07 46653999

Drew Hutton. Friends of the Earth. 0428487110

Lee McNicholl. Dulacca Action Group. 0746276364