Rann cements lawlessness in Australia - on example of dog mismanagement

When a decent man take the problems of government this is often an automatic justification that it is only an overlook. I thought so, but there is plenty of evidence that government acts in most cases against truth, against justice, against common sense and against best public interest.

The website below opens a possibility to access a number of related pages. Please examine and reexamine, discuss and then act. Someone have said: the government is only as bad as we let one be.
Same apply to opposition. If we had a proper opposition, we will not have the lawlessness we do have. In case of dog negligence it is a 100% pointless to continue this negligence and cruelty. No, it is not just one person, SA Premier, it is the whole system which allow him and others to be negligent and corrupt to the max. Say in case of dog management, I cannot be wrong. Facts say for itself but also you may analyze it without leaving home or office. When there is no legislation that all dog owners must be responsible for their dogs than there is no policy of dog management. Imagine that one (I know none) council officer become very zelous and take the irresponsible dog owner to court charging one for negligence and cruelty. It is based on professionality and a common sense. In court the irresponsible dog owner very easily can ask the judge: where is written what I have to do that I have failed?

And with this simple question the irresponsible dog owner is legally innocent. All because in SA and in fact in whole Australia it is legal to be irresponsible dog owner and to neglect dogs and to neglect and force innocent public to suffer as result.


Email sent to the Premier Mike Rann on 25/2/11

There is no question if you or your administration knows about it, it is a question why you Mr Premier advance with corruption and lawlessness. The answer is because there is no mechanism which bring you and your officers to accountability. Courts are not set up in this country to serve the truth and justice and on top of that, all politicians make themselves immune from prosecution.

Logically if you are not responsible for your action than an irresponsible man holds so much power. It is stupid and irresponsible on it's own, it is only a wide gate open for an open corruption and lawlessness.

At present the Federal government cannot do anything to stop your lawlessness and corruption, as they are also corrupt.

I am talking on so many aspects of governance that it is safe to say that whole government is corrupt in all departments and aspects.
Dog management is an open corruption, negligence, deception of the public, cruelty and lawlessness. Road safety and policing is an open corruption. Revenue raising and public perception is all it is important to you. Energy waste is the worse I've ever seen anywhere. Public health is absolutely against public interest. Universities are absolutely corrupt and immoral. Media is anything but free and open. Government is anti family and anti social.

Lately I have put forward Mr Rann, the proposal for an amendment of the dog management and animal cruelty legislations and I have explained how bad situation is. Judging by the past experience, you will make sure that dog owners will continue be irresponsible, dogs neglected, subjected to cruelty, people nearby will suffer, all because you enjoy lawlessness and nobody can make you accountable.

Mr Rann there is an end to everything.

It is very simple to amend the legislation to make dog owners mandatorily responsible for their dogs which are in 100% dependent on them, and to define clearly and specifically what are the actual duties of dog owners and to define what negligence is. You choose to ignore this proposal and enjoy thousands of dogs neglected and subjected to cruelty and thousands of innocent citizens to be subjected to the chronic stress from crying and neglected dogs. Some people in desperation take matter in their own hands and have to kill the nuisance barking dog. All in self defense. All that drama is absolutely unnecessary and avoidable but you choose to prolong this lawlessness.

A few days ago, I have sent you an email in the middle of the night (3am) as well known local dog was crying all night. You did and do nothing. This and about every second house dog in this area are neglected and I have asked council to remove them as they are sick and owners are irresponsible. Those dogs never are taken for a walk nor cared for properly, and as result they are a nuisance to the society and they unnecessarily suffer. 3 of those dogs actually chased me at number of occasions from home when they barked whole night.
Last night again they were barking until late and very early they ( the choir of local dogs) were barking very viciously very early this morning. Those dogs are neglected for years and all government is doing is denial and enjoy them and humans suffering. Lately I asked you that the matter is urgent.

Normal people will never allow this to happen. All is pointless. It seems that you actually enjoy to see negligence and cruelty.

This as most of the messages to you are a subject for a free publication and public knowledge and debate.