No dump at Muckaty! Protests continue in Martin Ferguson's electorate, 24 February 2011

To mark the one-year anniversary of the announcement of Muckaty in the Northern Territory as the chosen site for a proposed national radioactive waste dump, members of Friends of the Earth ACE (Anti-nuclear and Clean Energy) Collective* toured part of Energy and Resources Minister Martin Ferguson's Batman electorate in search of an alternative dumping ground. Starting at Preston station they carted suitably marked drums via train to Northcote and then back to the Preston market - the minister proposes to transport radioactive waste by road and rail, and one of the potential transport routes cuts through the south eastern food bowl...**

This action followed a visit to the minister's electoral office by Kylie Sambo and Kelisha Green, two young hip-hop artists from Muckaty opposed to the dump; through the medium of two police officers they delivered a copy of 'Muckaty', Kylie's recent CD - the office was of course locked down, as always on such occasions... This Friday they will be heading the bill at a fundraiser gig at the Northcote Uniting Church Hall - "Music for Muckaty"

Check out also Kylie's You tube film clip 'Muckaty' :


Video of the 'tour' to follow. Some accompanying pics supplied by ACE.



See the video on YouTube if preferred (the flash version posted above was resized to 340x240):

No mining.
No dumping.
Stop these corporates and bankers.

Fukushima. Nuclear meltdown. Thorium in India. Still unstable. number 90 on the table of elements. More science used in a negative way. More money. More conceptual thinking. More greed. When does it stop? when humans die out and the 'greedy' are left alone in their underground bunkers in a world filled with radiation and pollution. Good on you. Would you like a pat on your shoulder? Why have we reached such a point? Why the brutality of a young Hickey who was born out of the earth on his sacred and native land. It is truly time for women to rise up. All the regimes in the world and all the governments are run by men with no brains. No human compassion. We don't want the coppers in control. We want self determination. They have no mental capacity for genuine ethics that are not based on commodifying womens bodies, ownership of is really time for capitalist minds of the male club to meltdown alongside the nuclear reactor..

> Thorium in India.

whats wrong with thorium?

the kids say its pretty good shit

and whats up with thorium in india? i assume you are talking about (which i had never heard of so thx for bringing to my attention!)