Tasmanian conservationists continue forest vigil Cable loggers sent back to old growth Forest in Picton Valley

Huon Valley Environment Centre Press Release 18.2.11:“Conservationists have today returned to the threatened Picton Valley, where cable loggers have been sent back to clearfell an old growth forest area just weeks before a crucial moratorium deadline. One conservationist has climbed the cable logger and twenty five people are protesting in the forest. The Huon Valley Environment Centre is calling for the state and federal governments to take action to halt the loss of high conservation value forests,” Huon Valley Environment Centre’s spokesperson Jenny Weber said.

“Why have logging contractors been sent back into a high conservation value (HCV) forest coupe just four weeks before a moratorium on logging in these areas is meant to be in place? Logging in the 80 hectare area (known as coupe PC017C) has taken place in two stages. Contractors had left at the end of 2010 and returned in January. This is a forest that could have been saved, without the extra cost of returning contractors to a high conservation value area,” Jenny Weber said.

"Both the state and federal governments announced that a moratorium on logging in Tasmania's HCV forests would be in place by the 15th March. Yet conservationists continue to witness systematic destruction of these forests on a daily basis.Tasmania’s Premier Lara Giddings and Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke must step in to salvage the situation, and hold Forestry Tasmania to account," Jenny Weber said.

“In this International Year of the Forest, it is time to act and protect our remaining natural heritage. Tasmania's ancient temperate tall forests are a unique, rare and precious ecosystem. The forests in
the Picton Valley being destroyed today are of global significance. It takes many centuries for these forests to evolve and only a few short
months for them to be decimated with the large scale industrial logging practises that we are still witnessing in Tasmania’s southern forests today,” Jenny Weber said.

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How much more forest do we have to lose before some violent action is taken against these people who are committing crimes against humanity?

I want my children and grand children and all future generation to have a planet to live on.

Maybe it's time to fight fire with fire.


Got a few questions does the house you live in contain wood?Do you drive a car?do you have leather shoes?Do you have gas or electricity in you home? if you answer yes to any of these questions may be you should start your violence by killing your self WANKER!!!!!

Timber harvesting happens at a rate of 0.3 of one percent per year of Tasmania's total forests, and 97% of high conservation areas are already locked up.
By all means have a rational debate about what happens to the remaining 3%.
But please cut the emotive ill informed rantings out of the debate!

Violent Action Greenies Vs Loggers you tree huggers don't stand a chance any time any place just name it we will be there! DREAMERS

The tree killers have lost the logging wars, and yet before the ink under the peace treaty has dried they are running amuck again... why are they doing this? To remind the rest of us that there is no such thing as them in the future? Certainly these thugs have no reason to accuse anyone of losing decency.