3,000 demonstrated against nuclear transport at 23 locations in Germany

Media release translated by Diet Simon

Anti-nuclear activists demonstrated at 23 locations across Germany on Saturday (12 February) against the imminent delivery of waste to a storage hall at Lubmin on the Baltic coast.

The Northeast Anti-Nuclear Alliance reports at least 1,000 protesters in other locations and about 2,000 plus six tractors at Greifswald, the nearest larger town to Lubmin and former location of a nuclear power station.

The waste is to be railed in so-called CASTOR caskets hundreds of kilometres from a research centre at Karlsruhe, close to the French border in southwest Germany.
The alliance reports that the many actions along the route were colourful and creative and will peak on the actual shipment day.

“The day was a full success. We were able to show that the irresponsible atomic energy policy concerns the whole country and that there will be no more silent nuclear waste transports,” says Felix Leipold of the alliance (Anti-Atom Bündnis NordOst). “The mood was good on CASTOR Route Action Day from Karlsruhe to Greifswald.”

The CASTOR train is expected to depart Karlsruhe amid a night dance blockade in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. Actions are expected along the entire route.

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The astronomically misnamed trashcans are iconic for the entire nuclear policy of the country, because both were designed specifically for the purpose to enable the passing along of responsibility through existing networks until tracks are lost. The basic idea was that the nuclear reactors could dump their waste on each other, so the most unreliable one would become the waste dump and none could be closed. It would then sit there until the military would find an opportunity to dump it abroad. Now since people oppose the idea of global nuclear war conservative pro-market government went infantile and is stashing the waste in a precarious spot in the Northern plains to dump it into the local environment to blackmail people into collaboration with the scheme. Is it necessary to mention that when it came to that the nuclear trash would be taken out of those cans again?