Egypt: Tens of thousands on the streets say down with the regime

Tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of people have come out onto the streets of the cities and towns around Egypt to say down with the regime, the people want regime change. Follow live updates below:

Guardian Live updates for Jan 28 protests | Live video from Cairo via satellite Al Jazeera | RamyRaoof's photostream | Event: Melbourne rally Sun Jan 30

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Update 9.00pm (Egypt time) - Curfew in place 6pm to 7am (but ignored):

The streets are the peoples. Reported 5 are dead and hundreds wounded during street battles with the police. The army is now patrolling the streets and have been welcomed by protesters. The NDP headquarters has been torched and destroyed. Several police stations and NDP party offices have been attacked and put on fire. People have ignored the curfew that nominally came into effect at 6pm.

People have found courage to face down the brutal police and plainclothes thugs of the regime.

Al Jazeera: Senior Egyptian Army officials told protesters "We are here to protect you", protesters cheered.

Update 8.00pm (Egypt time) - Curfew now in place 6pm to 7am:

Cairo: Withdrawal of the Egyptian state. Fire fighters, police, even museum security no where to be seen. Reports of arson and at least one bank robbery.

Breaking Al Jazeera: Fires near the Egypt Museum, trees of Egypt Museum are on Fire. NDP Building fire spreads. NDP building is buring intensly, helicopters try to put it out. Explosion reported at NDP building. State Security officials stay in hospitals & try to change their clothes so that protesters don't attack them.

Egyptian protesters remove barriers from streets earlier today. image

Al Jazeera: Egyptian Religious scholars issue statement in support of protestors, ask Mubarak to stop violence & call for elections & reform

Military in Alexandria are coming out of tanks and shaking hands with protestors

Khaled Yousef, the Egyptian director says that some Egyptians living in the neighbourhood have come down to protect the Egypt Museum.

Al Arabiya breaking: Protestors have stormed Egyptian TV building & have destroyed some equipment. Helicopter is arriving.

AlArabiya: Sinai bedouins are firing live ammo at the police

Egyptians saluting and welcoming massive army presence in downtown Cairo. image

Earlier this afternoon: Youtube video of people forcing back police lines on a bridge over the Nile despite rounds of teargas being fired at them: 28th Jan. 2011 - Storyful - Egypt Cairo uprising protest video - Mohamed Ibrahim Elmasry

Al Jazeera breaking: firefighters arrive at NDP HQ building to put out the fires.

Four Army cars on Qasr al-Neel bridge and protesters are standing ontop of them cheering and waving Egypt flags. It looks peaceful.

Eyewitness account: at one point protesters ran after state security men and imprisoned them in Press syndicate

Al Arabiya: Egyptian Army has moved to protect the Egypt Museum

Communication-crackdown has done absolutely nothing but fray the nerves of Egyptians abroad missing+loving their friends+fam

Egyptian student shows Al Arabiya year gas canister that says "Made in USA". "How can we allow this in Egypt?" image

Al Arabiya breaking: Reuters: 870 injured in Cairo today according to medical accounts

Al Jazeera breaking: Egypt Air cancels all flights for 12 hours from Cairo Airport

spokesman for @ElBaradei's movement insisted on referring to Mubarak's govt as "The former regime in Egypt" on Al Jazeera

News is slow to come out. Things may be slowing down in Cairo. Police presence dwindles across the country. Army easing tensions.

There's helicopters circling downtown Cairo, hundreds of CFS withdrawing to MOI, and gunfire on Sheif Rihan

Breaking AlJazeera reporter in Suez Dina Samak says that protesters have destroyed car & ceramic showrooms belonging to NDP officials

NDP HQ looted. Mubarak's presidential guard heading to State television building

Update 7.00pm (Egypt time) - Curfew now in place 6pm to 7am:

Breaking Al Jazeera: "Nasr City residents heading & those from Abbas Al Aqqad road heading to Ramses square to join other protesters

Egyptian activist Amr Gharbeia has been kidnapped by security forces

Abdallah Kamal of NDP is on AlArabiyya, saying this is not peaceful and is orchestrated by a certain group and we will announce it

Clinton press conference "We are deeply concerned by the use of violence against protesters in Egypt". Clinton "We want to partner with the Egyptian people & their govt"

Clinton: "We are deeply concerned about the use of violence by Egyptian police and security forces against protestors. We call on the Egyptian government to do everything in its power to restrain security forces. At the same time, protesters should also refrain from violence and express themselves peacefully."
"As a partner we strongly believe that the Egyptian government needs to engage immediately with the Egyptian people in implementing political, social and economic reforms."
"These protests underscore that there are deep grievances within Egyptian society and the Egyptian government needs to understand that violence will not make these grievances go away."

25000 in dokki & presidential palace. Protesters have taken over Abbas bridge in Giza

Other than central Cairo clashes, many protests in Cairo today reported to have been peaceful

Breaking Al Jazeera: AP: Thousands of protestors attempt to storm Egypt TV & Radio HQ in Cairo. Breaking Al Jazeera: Protesters attempt to storm the Ministry of Foreign Affairs HQ in Cairo

Eyewitnesses: Sayeda Zeinab police station burned, Eyewitnesses : police initiated the violence in most protests

Al Jazeera - Estimated crowd of 80,000 in Port Said today. Big crowds everywhere.

Cairo - police van attacked and torched. Protest numbers have swelled since the curfew. 3 or 4 police vehicles on fire

German Chancellor Angela Merkel urges Mubarak to allow peaceful protests & demonstrations. Alarabiya/AlJazeera

Al Arabiya breaking: Mubarak extends curfew to entire country

BREAKING Al Arabiya: 410 injured today in Cairo, some from bullet wounds. Via Reuters
1 minute ag

Al Jazeera: 6 army personnel carriers seen moving towards Ministry of Information, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the radio and television building

NDP headquarters is almost totally consumed by fire. People cheer next to it. No fire trucks heading to the headquarters and it's getting dangerous there.

Amnesty International US Blog: Egypt Must Stop Crackdown on Protesters

AlArabiya: Kuwaiti Airlines have stopped their flights to Egypt

Al Jazeera Breaking: Egyptian Army tanks seen on the streets of Alexandria (that the NDP thugs vacated completely earlier). Al Jazeera breaking: Protestors storm the NDP office in Al-Fayoum Oasis.

Egyptians worried about lack of law and order. Police no where to be seen. Military as of yet hasn't exerted control.

Al Jazeera: AFP: Vodafone says that all Egyptian telecom companies have been ordered to disconnect services in Egypt

Al Jazeera: Thousands of protestors on the streets of Suez. There are shots fired by guards of car showroom belonging to NDP businessman

Protesters took over an army car from Tahrir and they are driving it on Qasr al-Neel bridge.

Update 6.00pm (Egypt time):

Curfew now in place 6pm to 7am

Al Jazeera reporter says that Clinton has already spoken with Egyptian officials but that the Obama admin's position "remains unchanged". She will speak at a press conference in an hour. Breaking Al Arabiya: President Mubarak will address Egypt shortly. Al Arabiya reporting: Washington State Department says it is "concerned" with developments in Egypt.

Reuters reporting U.N. rights chief says Egypt has arrested 1,000

Al Jazeera reports that Egyptians have welcomed the Army Vehicles in Abdel Menem Riyad square

Al Jazeera Suez correspondent: 5 army tanks heading for centre of Suez

Egyptian protestors own DownTown Cairo now that the cowardly NDP thugs have retreated..

Reports of army moving to Tahrir and Maspiro. Protesters still marching down 26th of July in Zamalek.

Al Jazeera: smoke bellowing from NDP headquarters in cairo

Alexandrians on the backstreets are defying curfew roaring "illegitimate"

RamyRaoof's photostream from today.

Eyewitness reports : security forces forcing businesses to shut down in Mohandiseen area in observance of curfew.

#WikiLeaks cables show close US relationship with Egyptian president. There is a cable just dedicated to discuss bloggers and their effect in Egypt

Al Jazeera breaking: The Azbakeya Police Station & vehicles torched, some explosions due to fuel canisters exploding.

Al Jazeera: Reuters: sounds of live fire has been heard in streets of Cairo after curfew started (about 40 mins ago)

loads of people are still in the streets in Giza

Cairo - Ruling New Democratic Party HQ on fire - (live video)

Al Jazeera breaking: Reuters from witnesses: Protesters seize tanks in the streets of Suez & army attempts to dislodge them. Al Jazeera breaking: Egyptian army spreading in streets of Suez

Massive protest in Giza, molotov cocktails, as soon as tear gas clears out protesters move in again. There is absolutely no regard to the curfew.

Breaking Al Arabiya: Eyewitnesses report clashes & live fire near the Egyptian Parliament

Update 5.00pm (Egypt time):

Protesters take over police cars, raising the Egyptian flag and are trying to cross galaa bridge with them.

1 hour ago 10,000 protesters attempt to cross to Tahrir. Brutal attacks on those who made it to QasrNil Bridge.

Protestors who remained on Dokki side say protest was peaceful and police gave up trying to control ppll, with lots of female presence.

Al Jazeera: AFP: Protesters torch Alexandria Governate Office.

Al Jazeera: "There are 100,000 protesters in front of Al Mansoura Governate office" Via Isra Jaheed (spokeswomen for @ElBaradei)

BREAKING: Al Jazeera: Reports that Egyptian Army vehicles have entered Cairo

Al Jazeera breaking: Protesters are pushing back security officials in Abdel Menem Riyad Square & DownTown Cairo

Al Jazeera: Main Suez police station set alight. Tens of thousands of people on the streets. Police overwhelmed

BREAKING Al Jazeera: 500,000 protesters in Alexandria have forced out all Egyptian security forces. There are no police officers there

Al Jazeera correspondent in Alexandria is confirming that there is "No police presence in Alexandria Governate, they all left", "Protesters have chased out all police officers & security personnel in Alexandria Governate" "Protesters threw bottles at retreating police forces. The city is in the hands of protesters"

Security forced at Al-Azhar openly denounce orders & refuse to attack protesters. ~300,000 protesters in Tahrir. Mass demonstrations have started in the streets of Shubra. (2hrs ago)

Around 50 000 protester are protesting in Mahalla now

Protest in Frankfurt Germany infront of the consulate. 70-80 people. Chants against Mubarak Image. The consul meets the protestors image.

Hearing #Egypt armed forces called in as protesters continue bravely facing down #Mubarak security.

Al Jazeera: Curfew announced on State TV 6pm to 7am in Cairo, Alexandria, Suez

More protesters have been flocking all day twds QasrNil Bridge from Sheraton gezira/Giza policeHQ area. No police presence. Police concentration on Zamalek side of QasrNil bridge, brutally preventing protesters frm reaching Tahrir. Reports from protesters: Morale unbelievably high. Families, women, young and old hugging and crying in Dokki protests.

Egyptian protestors throw Molotov Cocktail bomb at armored police vehicle. image

Evening prayers held, police hold fire

Egypt TV: President Mubarak in his capacity as Head of the Military has imposed a curfew in Cairo, Alexandria & Suez: to start at 6pm, 20 minutes time.

Al Arabiya: The Egyptian Army requested for a curfew to be imposed. Eyewitnesses report that the Al Muntaza Police bureau in Alexandria has been torched.

Al Jazeera: State Security Forces in Al Jazeera building. Worries of coverage being cut.

state television announced Mubarak, as commander in chief, has imposed the curfew. Supposed to make first appearance in 10min

Breaking Al Jazeera: Egyptian Security forces retreat from Meyan Tahrir (Liberation Square) in Cairo & cease clashes with protesters. You won't believe this. Egyptian protesters march with police forces image. Al Jazeera is showing images of "happy" protesters marching alongside security personnel, carrying Egyptian flags & saying "God is Great"

Update 4.00pm (Egypt time):

Al Jazeera: fallen bloodied Egyptian protestor receiving medical attention. Daily News Egypt: Thousands protest across Egypt on Friday of Anger

Al Arabiya: Peaceful protesters shake hands with police officers.

Al Arabiya: Police Station in Mahalla has been attacked. (Mahalla is the town where the major February 2008 protests started from). Protesters storm ruling NDP party office in Tanta (Egypt's 5th largest City)

Al Jazeera: Large number of protesters in control in main Square in Suez. Unconfirmed story from someone in Suez that a bulldozer was used on a police station.

@amunati We OWN suez... people of egypt havent OWNED suez since plans for canal drawn.

Al Arabiya: Protests in Tunisia in front of the Egyptian Embassy in support of Egyptian protesters.

BBC Arabic guest "Let Mubarak leave to Israel, to America or to Saudi with the other criminal", We want the army generals to do what Rachid Ammar did in Tunisia & stand by the protesters not the regime"

Al Arabiya breaking: Reuters: Protesters storm Alexandria Governate office

Al Arabiya: Reuters: One protester dead in Suez (via eye witnesses)

BBC Arabic reports that there is news of security men joining the protesters in different parts of Egypt

See image of Egyptian protestors attacking abandoned police vehicle in Cairo.

Al Jazeera breaking: AP: Egyptian security puts @ElBaradei under house arrest

Galaa Square has been under lockdown for a couple of hours now, thousands of protesters unable to move forward.

According to the Guardian Alexandria is under full control of protesters now. No police anywhere. festive scenes in streets

Al Arabiya from eye witnesses: two fires erupt in central Cairo amidst protests.

Guardian reports: The NDP headquarters in Dumya/Daniette, 131 miles north-east of Cairo, and Al Mansoura, 120km north-east of Cairo have both been destroyed,

Al Jazeera: Thousands protest in front of Dahaqliya Governate Office in Mansoura, security forces not stopping them. Via eye witnesses

Breaking Al Arabiya: Syria suspends internet services

Protesters have named the man killed in Suez (2.37pm) have named him as Hamada Labib, 30, a driver. via Guardian

Al Arabiya reporter in Kuwait: Heightened security measures around Egyptian embassy in Kuwait City.

Update 3.00pm (Egypt time):

hots. First live shot fired into the air by officer standing on car. Batal Ahmed Abdel Aziz St. CHANT "Gamal Leave with your Father." CHANT "Saudi Arabia is waiting for you Mubarak"

Nile Bridge Closed, El Gamaa bridge closed, Abbas Bridge closed. Trying to divide apart city. Police trying to cut link points across city to prevent demonstrators from linking up.

Al Jazeera Breaking: Reports of deaths in Meydan Tahrir (Liberation Square), Cairo as Security men retreat

Al Arabiya: Protesters torch ruling NDP party headquarters in Damietta (Domyat)

CNN's @bencnn says a CNN crew has been attacked in Tahrir Square. Camera stolen.

Al Jazeera breaking: 40,000 protesters in Mansoura head towards ruling NDP party headquarters & destroy it.

Al Jazeera breaking: Ruling party leaders are accusing the govt of "failing to implement the NDP policies."

BBC Arabic: Journalist Mohammed Faraj says all of Port Said is out on the streets, one Friday Prayer Imam was arrested.

BBC Arabic journalist in Suez: Things have gotten out of control, protesters burn Al Arbaeen Police Station in Suez.

Al Jazeera breaking: Protestors chant demanding the Egyptian Army to intervene on their side against the NDP officials.

Opposition leader Ayman Nour suffered head injury, now in ICU at Agouza hospital, his son tells Al Jazeera English

Al Jazeera breaking: Al least one death in Abdul Menem Riyad Square & tens of protesters injured

Moving picture of protesters praying at Tahrir Square in Cairo. Page grab Al Jazeera

audio from @hackneylad - signs police siding with protesters, reporter says regime already falling.

Protest is so big, the state TV is reporting in a twisted manner. One reporter says: "Egypt State TV remind me of TV7 before Ben Ali fell "Everything is fine, there is no problem" (I am not making it up, they really say that)", and "We are covering the truth here. We do not exaggerate the events. Here you get the truth, we told you there are protests" and "Protesters take to the streets in support of Mubarak" "Some protesters demand jobs"; "Some minor disruptions to mobile network. There were absolutely no clashes. There was no violence from the security forces"

Protesters in Tahrir chanting: "where is the Egyptian army?" in hope of setting army against regime a la Tunisia

Zamalek, no police. All entrances to Heliopolis are reported closed

Al Arabiya: Ruling NDP party officials request President Mubarak to intervene. The four arrested French reporters have been released.

Al Jazeera: Protests now in wealthy neighborhoods of Cairo including Maadi

AlJazeera's Abdulfattah Fayed "There is intense firing of tear gas bombs at protesters. Women in cars are distributing drinks to protesters". 6th of October Bridge now closed, it links Giza to Cairo. Blocks entrance to DownTown Cairo where protesters are congregating. Latest pictures from Al Jazeera. Shows protesters and driver stuck in tear gas cloud.

Many metro stations closed, passengers not allowed to descend. Teargas used in some cases.

Al Jazeera breaking: Protesters take control of parts of Suez & Egyptian security forces are retreating. Al Jazeera: Protesters chant "Down with the regime" "No to inheritance of power"

Massive cloud of tear gas at Zamalek end of 6 October Bridge..into the Nile. Protesters continue to chant "Down Down Mubarak.

AlJazeera English Alexandria correspondents: Riot police and protesters appear to sympathize with each other at one protest

Al Jazeera: Massive crowds in Luxor carrying signs similar to ones seen across Egypt

Update 2pm (Egypt time): - Live video from Cairo via satellite Al Jazeera

Gala square. Thousands surging. Wide gala bridge blocked by 4 security trucks. Teargas into the crowd. Crowd is louder as they try, for the moment unsuccessful, to break through towards tahrir square. BBC Arabic: Cairo Metro does not stop between "Gamal Abdul Nasser" & "Anwar Sadat" stations (to stop protesters from arriving).

Report that protesters have reached "presdential" palace in cairo.

Peaceful protest of 2,000 in Maadi on agricultural road heading towards Dar ElSalam, no security presence.

Breaking BBC Arabic: Protesters have stormed ruling NDP party headquarters in Ismailiya & destroyed contents.

BBC Arabic Breaking: Approximately 4,000 protesters surrounding in Suez Governate building chanting "Free Egypt, Mubarak out!". BBC Arabic reporter in Suez "Protesters used to be between 15 and 30 in past two days, now old women & workers have joined"

Al Jazeera reports that its veteran journalist Ahmad Mansour has been "attacked" by plain clothed police officers in Cairo. Egypt Opposition leader Amin Iskandar to AlJazeera "It's not enough for Mubarak to give a statement, we want him & his cronies out!"

Reports that powerful, painful water canons are in wide use at Syeda Zainab (poorer neighborhood)

Daily News Egypt with agencies : Tens of thousands demonstrating across Egypt: witnesses

Update 2.30pm (Egypt time):

BBC Arabic: Egyptian journalist Ahmad Ali estimates that the number of protesters in Alexandria has reached 100,000. Al Arabiya reports that their journalists & TV crew have been attacked in Cairo.

AlArabiya: Some police refuse to follow instructions to disperse crowds,some take off their official uniforms & joined the demos,unconfirmed

Egyptian terrestrial TV channel 1 now reporting the demos. Egypt Channel 1 (govt controlled) : Security is there to protect the demonstrators, no water gun, no tear gas

200-400 protestors by Abbas bridge Giza, peaceful demo so far. Al Jazeera: Thousands of protesters in Al Areesh town, North Sinai & violent clashes with security officers.

Al Jazeera reports that a police officer unit refused orders to fire tear gas bombs at protesters in Alexandria.

There is a second group of protesters joining the Abbas bridge one, coming from by the zoo, chanting to ppl in homes to join. Al Jazeera breaking: Police vehicle torched in Abdul Menem Riyad square in central Cairo.

Egyptian opposition leader "These companies that have cut the phone services from Egyptians will be held accountable for their actions "

Al Arabiya Breaking: Protesters head towards the ruling NDP party offices (which controls 97% of parliamentary seats).

Al Jazeera Live: 40,000 protesters on the street north of Cairo. This is now the "Largest pro-democracy protest in Egypt's history" says commentator.

Update 1pm (Cairo time)

It is after 1pm in Egypt and thousands of people have left the mosques and have commenced protests in Cairo, Alexandria, Suez, Sharqiya and other cities. Police and security forces have reacted with tear gas and rubber bullets.

AL Jazeera reporter in Suez says thousands of protestors emerged from mosques in Suez & nearby towns including Al Arbaeen. Al Jazeera breaking: AFP: Egyptian police fire rubber bullets & tear gas at protestors. Clashes erupt at Alexandria & Sharqiya. Report that Security Are RUNNING AWAY from protestors in Monofeyah! Aljazeera: Thousands in Dumyat (North of Egypt) are chanting " Mubarak must leave!".

Jack Shenker: teargas and sound bombs used within seconds of Friday prayers finishing Audio report

Protests breaking out all over the country with thousands of people facing off with massive security presence resorting to violence: shubra, matariya, madinet nasr, giza, alexandria, suez, sharqiya, menufia...arrests being made, stuffing people in microbuses. Initial report from AFP: Egypt police fire tear gas, rubber bullets at protestors

Reports of photographers and journalists from AJ, Al Hayah, and AP injured and beaten.

Live watching Tahrir Square in Cairo: A swell of people are running from Dokki towards square. "The People Want to Topple the System". Tear gas arcing across the crowd at Dokki. Gala Square running from police in thousands, pressing into sidestreets. Looking for a way around barricades. Police have blocked Gala bridge. Uncountable mass forming at Gala square. They are going to ram the barricade.

Reports coming through from Al Jazeera: @ElBaradei & Osama al-Ghazali Harb (Liberal thinker & President of al-Gabha al-Democratia) have been detained. Aljazeera reporter hit and detained by plain clothes policemen, AlJazeera office landlines stopped, 4 french reporters arrested/detained