Campaign builds to defend persecuted Aboriginal family - RACIST POLICE HARASSMENT IN WESTERN SYDNEY

Riverstone Police brutalise Tisha at the end of her 21st birthday party.

It was early September and Tisha, a well brought-up 21 year-old woman, was getting dressed up. All she wanted was what everyone her age hoped for: a happy and fun 21st birthday party. She was indeed having a pleasant 21st birthday event until a group of thugs dragged her across the road from her own home, crushed her against the ground, tore off the ring on her belly button, lifted up her skirt and unwontedly touched her and left her with bruises on her stomach, arms and legs.

Who would do such a cruel thing? The police in the Western Sydney suburb of Riverstone – that’s who! And their pretext for this cowardly assault on a lightly built woman? The music in Tisha’s party was too loud claimed the police and with this fraudulent excuse they raided the family’s home.  

Not only did the police assault Tisha but they did the same to other close relatives who had come to celebrate with her. Moreover, after all this they arrested Tisha, six of her close relatives and a family friend and slapped them with completely trumped up riot charges. Most of those arrested, including Tisha, have been hit up with six or so serious charges including affray and assault of police officers.

So why would Riverstone Police want to pick on one innocent family peacefully going about their own lives? Well, you see, while Tisha and her family may be courteous and good-natured, as far as bigoted police are concerned they have a problem … they are Aboriginal. As the enforcers of an unfair social order that is geared to only serve the big business elite and which was founded on the dispossession of Aboriginal people, Australian police are often hostile to the poor and are notorious for downright brutality towards Aboriginal people. Furthermore, NSW police have a special hatred for Tisha’s family. You see, they are Hickeys, close relatives of TJ Hickey the 17 year-old boy who was killed by racist police in February 2004 after they chased him through the streets of Redfern when he was riding his bicycle. As a result of their defiant refusal to abandon the quest for justice for their beloved TJ, the Hickeys, from Redfern to Riverstone, have faced police harassment over the last six and a half years.

To see just how prejudiced Riverstone cops are against the Aboriginal Hickey family, consider the reason why Tisha’s party had to be held at her home rather than in a local hall. Not long before Tisha’s 21st, her younger sister Jamie turned 18. Her mother, Patricia, had booked the hall for the 18th birthday party at the Riverstone RSL some three months earlier. Yet, when she went to pay up the remainder of the bond money for the party, she was told that the Sergeant at Quakers Hill Police Station had got the hall booking cancelled. When Patricia went to question the Sergeant about this he told her that the hall booking was cancelled because her last name was Hickey and that she had a lot of bad people in her family!

A sleazy male cop lifts the skirt of Tisha and unwontedly touches her.

The Police Attack

It was such racist prejudice that drove the police raid on Tisha’s party. Tellingly, when police first harassed the Hickey home in Riverstone on the actual night of Tisha’s 21st, September 3, they not only made spurious accusations about noise but complained that there were people from Redfern at the party (what a crime!) Notably, the one person from Redfern who had actually, along with her immediate family, been at the party was Gail Hickey – the mother of TJ  –  although she had left by then. The next morning too when the police attacked the family, they preceded this with a threat to not only take the jukebox but to “Get all the Redfern people out.” That the excessive noise claim was merely cover is indicated by the fact that this raid took place not at night … but after 8am in the morning when the party was already over! Moreover, in all the multiple criminal charges placed on family members following the raid, none were actually over the noise.

The large police contingent that morning was calmly met by Tisha’s cousin Jade who insisted that the police produce a warrant before they raid the house. The police responded with what  appears to have been an orchestrated provocation. The sole female cop that was present suddenly strode forward right up against the unsuspecting Jade and ironically, as she pushed her face towards his, demanded: “Get out of my face.” When Jade refused to fall for this provocation and, retreating slightly, explained “No one’s in your face,” the cop then shoved him aggressively.

When family members came out to verbally protest against this assault, they were promptly arrested.  Among them was Tisha. And while Patricia watched in horror as her daughter was being brutalised, police threatened to taser her every time she moved in to help her child. Watching a male cop lift her daughter’s skirt and put his paws all over her, Patricia tried to pass the police a pair of tights to cover up her daughter. These the police threw back at her. 

Meanwhile, the cops violently arrested Jade and banged his head against the cement, causing blood to come out of his head.  His mother, Robyn, responded as best she could by splashing the cup of tea she was drinking (a cup of tea that was itself hardly the sign of a rowdy party!) on the shirts of the police. This, incidentally, was the family’s only “physical” response to the police attack and for this “terrifying” act Robyn too was arrested and hit up with serious affray and assault charges. In the end, there were carloads of police and sniffer dogs arresting family members. Among the arrested were Tisha’s 16 year-old brother and a 16 year-old female cousin. As Patricia noted, “they even treated the 16 year-old kids like dogs.”

Police drag Jodie across the road as her shell-shocked friend views the results of the police attack.

The Horror Continues

The arrests were hardly the end of the family’s ordeal. In police custody, Robyn, a diabetic, was refused medical assistance to get her dose of insulin. As a result she started to go pale and even so police refused to call an ambulance until some two hours later. Meanwhile, police denied Tisha, a serious asthmatic who normally has to take Ventolin three times a day, assistance after she had a major asthma attack. Later Tisha told her mother, “Mum, I was scared for me and Aunty Robyn. I thought we were going to die.”

Now the arrested people face not only serious charges but ongoing police harassment. Undoubtedly as result of police intervention, Tisha was sacked from her job as a childcare worker the day after the raid. Jade’s partner Jodie, a respected Aboriginal Assistant teacher, has also been forced out of her job.

Tisha was, in fact, so physically bruised and emotionally traumatised by the whole raid that she found it hard to leave her house for weeks. When she has dared to leave the house, she has been stopped by that very same policeman who had his knee in her back while lifting her skirt and touching her. Although she was only a pedestrian, the cop insisted on breathalysing her!

Meanwhile, police continue to find excuses to bang on the family home’s door as they attempt to intimidate those arrested into pleading “guilty.” On a couple of occasions they kicked on the door claiming to be searching for a phantom “man.”    

Tisha's sixteen year-old brother, Tony, is arrested by a mob of cops. They targeted him after realising that he was capturing on camera what they were doing to his sister and other relatives.

A Chance to Fight for Justice

In some ways what the Hickeys in Riverstone have copped is just a more extreme version of the frequent racist police harassment that many other Aboriginal people experience throughout the country. The key difference is that on this occasion the family cleverly managed to capture on camera some of the police brutality and the utterly bogus nature of the affray and assault charges that those arrested now face. Click on the picture below to see the video footage on YouTube.

This visual evidence is very compelling. Yet in such a political case, linked up as it is with the police killing of TJ Hickey, this evidence will not in itself be enough to win justice for the family through the legal process alone. The Australian courts, like other institutions of the state, are slanted towards the big end of town and are notoriously biased against Aboriginal people.

However, what the video footage and photographs will do is make it easier to mobilise mass support behind the family which is what it will take to win them justice. Already such support is building and there will be a mass rally on the day the five adults arrested at Tisha’s party go to court at the start of their trial (on May 23 - note that the police have pushed back the trial two months from its original date ). The demonstration will demand the dropping of all charges against those arrested and more generally will take a stand against racist police attacks against Aboriginal people in the first place and more broadly against police harassment of all non-white and/or working class people as well.  The protest will start at 9am, May 23 outside the Parramatta Court, Corner of George and Marsden Streets, Parramatta.

Several police bang the head of Jade against the cement as his mother, friends and relatives look on in horror. Who was rioting that day and who wasn't?

It is important for all genuine anti-racists to be involved in this campaign. In particular the union movement must take a stand. Fighting against racism is an act of self-defence of our unions. Greedy bosses have always used racism to divide workers and stop us organising to defend our rights. Furthermore, as organisations dedicated to winning justice for working-class people, the very principles of solidarity that underpin our existence are strengthened if we defend others who face injustice.

In a plea written to trade unions and intended for all people who hate racism and injustice, Patricia Hickey wrote:

    “My family and I have had a lot of harassment from the police since this thing happened to TJ. We’ve had enough. We want it to stop and stop NOW before another Hickey dies in police custody. Please help us! Enough is enough.”

Let’s build a mass rally of trade unionists, Aboriginal people and all anti-racists on May 23 (the day that the Hickey family in Riverstone go to trial) to demand: Drop all charges against the persecuted Hickey family in Riverstone! Down with all racist police attacks against Aboriginal people!

If sympathetic people want further information about the rally, call 0417 204 611.

Tisha's stomach after the police attack. Note the injury caused after they ripped off the ring on her belly button.

Bruises on Tisha's arm after being violently arrested by police.

Tisha's leg after being brutalised by police.



I cant believe this is real,in this day and age ,theses characters must and will be judged, for their actions ,they knew full well what they were doing and what conquences that would fellow, but i suppose they thought that they are the law and they have the right ,well what about the rights of law abiding ABORIGINAL PEOPLE that are forced to abide by this country s laws,in old times gone by this would be considerer an attack on a tribe and ensuring battle would take place and inbetween the bloodsherd there would someone trying to stop the WAR ,eventual a truce would be made because we as ABORIGINAL people we love life and believe truth and Tribe justice wil be found as long we can talk to each other,but when they dont want to listen,only badnees can come from this ,and after over 200 years it still continues and will all ways ,,,my heart goes out these people, and i am right behind you 100% ,,keep up the fight

If you want to not have to live by the same rules as everyone else, don't expect to live in our communities. Go and establish your own communities, do not accept money from our government (after all,it is our law that gives it to you), don't expect us to provide housing, services etc. I really do not think many of you could survive if you had to choose to live the traditional aboriginal way. Choose which way you want to live, and accept that the ways of the other are not available to you.

I see ignorance is still bliss! you have no understanding of other cultures! this is the wide mentality of mainstream in how you think about Aboriginal people and the stereotyping of our people! I think you havent really read the info about this story as if you did you would see they they were doing the right thing as any aussie would do in a birthday celebration, no matter what race you are! they were picked on just for their race as the actions of the police reflect this!

We do live by the wider law to say otherwise shows your true ignorance here! again stereotyping of how Aboriginal people live in the community by saying that we are given housing/services that arent available to mainstream is not true, I see you must have a great lagacy to teach your kids in life which is RACISM! you should be ashamed of yourself with this comment! to call yourself a human being!
This comment shows still that mainstream Australia still needs to come out of the dark ages and grow as other countries have evolved from being racist people....shame shame!

You are in an insulated world. I cannot use many services because I am not black= Aboriginal Legal Service, Aboriginal Medical Service, Abstudy (which pays much more than Austudy-figures on Centrelink website), Aboriginal Housing, Aboriginal tutoring services. payment for work experience, Closed Aboriginal Communities, and many more. Is it not racism that I am not allowed to use such services or that other races have to fund these for the benefit of the few, and have them as a double up seervice because aborigines do not want to use the same services as others,because they are not made to feel "Special"? Is it not racism that so many times it cannot be counted I have heard "that doesn't apply to me, I'm black" when it comes to laws and rules? Until more of you accept you are no different to anyone else and stop trying to use your mixed race as an excuse, then you will not be listened to and have to hear that people hate that you can access these places and others can't. If you want to be seen in a different light, stop blaming colour for all your misdeeds.

maybe you would like to have access to getting your car searched every time you enter the community you live in,harassment from police and docs over issues non aboriginal people don't have to worry about,having your right to spend your own money taken away,having your human rights abused with racist government policy designed to assimilate aboriginal people and dispossess people of their land and the list goes on. maybe you should think about that before feeling to sorry for yourself

the law is the law,who tried to take our lore away,we never gave up our sovereignty of this land my traditional people from all our great nations on this land,you stand on,you need a good history lesson,so we will use your law I have seen the proof on paper,use invaders left a good paper trail,the law is the law and it,s our lore which is the strongest here & internationally,the law is the law.

You are the dumbest cunt in the world. They FORCE EVERYONE TO LIVE UNDER THEIR RULE, AND IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT YOU GET ARRESTED, you can't just cut off and make your own money on any land you choose because "it's the governments land"
Pathetic excuse for a human being.


All we can pray for is Karma. Our police force is corrupt, why are all those people on our Underbelly series still free and bad. Its all about Money, even if you are black have money and power (local land council behind you)you can get away with child rape, (as my cousin raped hundreds, including most children younger than him in our family). Here is a tip Taree/Foster has the biggest paedophile ring in the country. Can you image an intervention in top holiday area of the NSW North Coast, no the Northern Territory intervention was just over land for the greedy Uranium miners. My heart goes out to the Hicky family I know what its like to be harassed, you can never relax, not even in your own home.

I am an Noongah Aboriginal from Perth in Western Australia. I have to disagree with the actions of the family shown on the Video on this page. They family members clearly broke the law by their behaviour. Disorderly Conduct, Hindering Police, and Resist Arrest. That is shown clearly on this video. If they did not want the unwanted attention of Police, then they should of acted in a calmer and self restrained manner and then none of this would of occurred. Whomever wrote this article is blinded by emotion and family connection.

You're about as aboriginal as the queen of england, or if you are aboriginal, you're just a traitor to your people. Talking with police is not breaking the law, assaulting people who pose no threat and unlawfully arresting them is breaking the law. Using unreasonable force to make an arrest is breaking the law. This is a clear example of police brutality and oppression against the aboriginal community.

The person you are attacking is right. This video shows the family swearing, abusing the police, resisting arrest, and interfering with the police trying to do their job. They are not "talking to the police" as you like to put it, but swearing, cursing, and abusing the police while they are just trying to do their job. I can see no 'unreasonable force' used in the video. They are just trying to subdue the people who have been told they are arrested. If you choose anti-social behaviour, like is shown here, then arrest is the only outcome. If you control yourselves, you would not get arrested, or at least would not need to have the police use force to get handcuffs on and arrest you. Things going against you does not always mean racism. A person of any background in this situation would be treated the same.

I agree with you. I Know of people who have been attack by the Hickey family where's the justices in that. They give other aboriginals a bad name and wonder why people don't respect the aboriginals in the first place. They think they are above the law just they are black.

They are always breaking the law... This is what I have to live with... I too am aboriginal and live right near them, they do nothing but abuse white people, sell drugs, while the children run a muck in the street! They use our colour as an excuse...
They disgust me and everyone else in the aboriginal community!!!!

police showed up to the house after 8am for a noise complaint. The music was off there was no need for the police to be there in the first place.

It's clear that this article is biased against the Police it doesn't show both sides of the story. It appears that speaking the truth is seen as treachery if it happens to go against the Aboriginal version of the story. I'm no friend of the cops but I won't agree with a lie merely to support the black man's side of the story.
Living in Redfern I see some very bad behaviour from blacks as well as whites, I take people as they are irrespective of colour and one at a time. The T J Hickey story shows the same sort of bias against the cops, without having been there to see what really happened, the Aboriginal community immediately assumed the cops were to blame. Yes the Police force is corrupt but it's not just biased against black people; "everyone" irrespective of colour is immediately assumed to be guilty from the start.

First you Noongah Aboriginal From Perth, I dont agree what the Police are doing and Secondly, you being Aboriginal as you say you are you should be aware what this Family is going through,and WHAT OTHER ABORIGINAL FAMILIES GO THROUGHT WITH COPS , this Family has done nothing wrong only having a 21st Birthday Party,maybe if you read the whole Artical then you would understand MORE

Do you know why we resist arrest? read the history and the real stories our people are dying in custody all the time.... Its about time the police start taking responsibitity for their actions against our mob...

You fail to state that a lot of the deaths (I know not all), are suicides in custody. If you can't bear the thought of being in prison and are going to kill yourself if it happens, don't do the crime. Aboriginals have to take the responsibility for their actions too, and not try to blame what may have happened to some in previous generations for their actions now. Aboriginals are the most racist people in many cases. I have lost count of how often the race excusee is used for crime or bad behaviour. You are not "different" to other people as I so often hear your lot say. Are you not human? If so, you are the saem as everyone else and should not expect advantage just because of colour.

Although there appears to be more to the story than what the reporter is saying...bottom line for me is the blonde cop seems to have made a bad situation worse. I have witnessed first hand racial vilification of families and as much as people want to deny that this happens, it happens. I dont condone what some people did in this video but I do understand the frustration that led to this happening.

On the other hand guys...cmon 8am in the morning....even though its not illegal....are u sure this wasnt an all nighter :)

Nothing can excuse the behavior of these police officers. The family had every right to resist these attacks.

I don't think Indigenous people (and by extension any people) have been given a lot of reasons to trust the police, or the justice system. How is anyone supposed to trust that if you calmly let the police take you away that they're going to treat you well?

I have returned after thinking about the police officer pullimg the young woman's dress & then her panties up is an act of indesent assault.I expect replies she might have drugs well if so why was the blond officer not stoping this outragous attact on the young woman.I also think the blond male was taking somthing out of his jacket pocker

Why on earth would a complaint about noise at a party mean that four police cars including a divvy van were sent to a house. It looked like the police turned up looking for an excuse to make mass arrests. Why was the raid happening at 8AM if the complaint was about a birthday party?? The public lifting of the young woman's skirt is also a blatant case of public humiliation - this is disgusting. Thanks for the article United Front for bringing this blantant case of racist police harrassment to the public's attention.

by ray jackson

practically on the doorstep of the 7th anniversary of the death of tj hickey at the hands of the redfern cops in february 2004, we are advised of an assault against members of tj's family by the riverstone cops. this event only highlights the continuing assault and harassment of hickey family members, across the extended family, still perpetrated by cops from redfern, newtown, riverstone, among others.
we must give gratitude and honour to gail hickey, her children and her extended family for standing against the police attacks brought about only because family members will not accept the police verdict of the death of tj. the police, and coronial view, is that the redfern cops were no where near tj when he was catapulted onto the spiked fence at the tauranga towers, waterloo.

this is a lie and nothing but a lie. the truth is that tj was rammed by a redfern police vehicle after chasing him for some distance. in my opinion, and i stress it is only my opinion, the vehicle that rammed tj on that day was driven by one of two police officers. their names are constable michael hollingsworth (as he was then but since promoted) or detective darren price (since moved on to other police situations). my personal preference is for price over hollingsworth as the driver. i have my reasons but this is neither the time nor place to discuss them.

the treatment being given to the hickey family is no worse or better than that meted out to other death in custody families. this is an old but commonly used tactic to shut down family and organisational protests. police have incorporated such attacks against the murray family, the boney family, the scott family, among many others i could mention. whilst the scott death was not a police death, he was killed in berrimah gaol, nt by 4 gaol officers, nonetheless the police of the nt,qld and nsw were utilised to bring pressure to bear on his family.

it goes without saying that we must support the hickey family, and any other family, from this constant police oppression and we are able to do that in several ways.

firstly there will be the 7th anniversary of tj's death on monday 14 february 2011 beginning at 1030 am whereby a rally will be held at the fence line at waterloo. i will post details later. we will be asking nsw politicians and mick mundine of the aboriginal housing co. to support the building of a monument, in the rebuilt block, to all nsw deaths in custody with the tj plaque being the first to be incorporated. what reason could there be for an undignified, unjustified and cowardly refusal?

secondly, i urge you to write to nsw police commissioner scipione, kristina kennealy, premier nsw, and others you may care to nominate. if possible print this post out, less the voxpops, and include your own thoughts. also argue for the dic monument at the block.

thirdly, if possible turn up at the parramatta courts to support the family against the police lies. details are in the body of the post.

for 213 years this evil has been allowed to continue with the full support of the politicians and the courts. we pay their overblown wages and their perks. it is about time that as citizens of this country we had a direct say in these operations, including the police, gaols and juvenile justice issues.

other countries, including the usa, have citizens police boards as a start. so should we.

enough of the tyranny, terrorism and injustice of our police forces.

Must agree with Patricia Hickey's comment that 'enough is enough'. Police have a responsibility to ensure safety in the community not threaten it or worse still commit offences while they are on duty.
The sexual assault on the young woman was a vile show of disrespect - how would the officer who committed that offence feel if anyone (Aboriginal/non-Aboriginal) treated a member of his family (i.e. mother, sister,daughter) in such a manner? Outraged, disgusted, appalled etc. - and rightly so. There are no doubt some very decent people (men/women) who are current or past members of the NSW Police Force - sadly they must all pay the price for having thugs such as the ones involved in this 'incident' - i.e. deep shame and remorse. There must be a full independent investigation into the harassment/intimidation the Hickey family & other families/communities like them who have been treated so unprofessionally by thugs such as we see here following the loss of loved ones as Aboriginal deaths-in-custody. Those NSW police officers involved in this 'incident' should be dismissed without delay but unfortunately the public is well aware that if the usual wishy-washy investigation into inappropriate police behaviour is to occur they'll probably be subjected to a smack on the wrist with a feather after being stood down on full pay until the decision to do so has been reached! Meanwhile maybe members of the Hickey family & other families/communities who have been subjected to similar treatment at the hands of the police need to take out restraining orders on police in an attempt to preserve their lives. Members of this family are victims of crime due to some very poor police behaviour - to be taken into custody is one thing but to fear dying in custody as a consequence of being taken into custody, as most Aboriginal people do, surely indicates that something is very, very wrong with police behaviour/standards. Failure to ensure people in custody receive their routine medication or alternatively receive medical attention to ascertain if their medical condition requires administration of medication must be seen for what it is - a disregard for their duty of care. There have been too many Aboriginal deaths in custody since the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody handed down its recommendations back in the 1980s - bucketloads of taxpayers money has been spent but nothing seems to have changed. Why? The public should be outraged at what's going on and Aboriginal people more so.

"Police have a responsibility to ensure safety in the community not threaten it or worse still commit offences while they are on duty."

In fact, no. This is NOT the purpose of the police force. The purpose of the police force is to enforce the corporate rules of THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA and it has nothing to do with protecting people. That they do a little 'protecting people' as a sideshow to convince the ignorant is mere deception. We will soon be noticing all police officers in Australia as to the criminal activities of the guvment and we will be lawfully noticing them that they will be held personally responsible for any crimes they commit as 'I was just following orders' went out as an excuse at the nuremberg trials.

We are going to put all peace officers on notice that 'ignorance of the law is no excuse' and 'all men are equal before the law'. The 'law' in those statements is the common law which prevails in Australia for the white folk. All COA employees are subject to common law by virtue of fact of being COA employees. The legislation you hear about is NOT law. It is merely legislation. And it does NOT apply to anyone who rescinds their consent.

Firstly, injustice is injustice and these criminals wearing police uniforms will need to be dealt with most harshly. Mark McMurtrie is working on the process of setting up law systems for the originie people. My colleagues and I are working on setting up a lawful system using common law for those white folk who do not treaty with the originies. You can read about it here. We are starting with the crimes against fathers.

We are going to create common law courts and the Hickey Family, having done such a good job of getting evidence, would be welcome to bring their case to us to be prosecuted under common law. For I can assure you there is no justice in the 'criminal just-us system'. You can go here and read all about my case. I am the first man to video record the crimes of a magistrate in the family courts.

What the Originie community might not know, because no-one talks about it, is that though there is plenty of racism in the NSW Police Force, the originie people are far from alone in being assaulted and abused by the NSW Police. I was beaten, injured, arrested and imprisoned in 1996 for the 'crime' of 'upsetting my princess wife'. I was a white, christian, heterosexual, father of 4, who had managed to get two speeding tickets and one parking ticket by the time I was 32 and was the very model of an exemplary citizen. I was minding my own business in my own house and having an argument with my then wife who had chosen to lie to me and was unrepentant. So us white, christian, heterosexual fathers know what it is to be assaulted by the cops and this has been going on for YEARS under the guise of 'protect the women and children from domestic violence'.

In many ways. We are allies. The 'common enemy' being the 'guvment' of the english on YOUR land and their thugs calling themselves 'police officers'.

Those men from the Originie community who also wish to join us in creating common law courts to fairly and justly try cops such as this are very welcome to join our 'crimes against fathers' site. You might be interested to know we will soon be bringing accusations against Rudd, McClelland, Gillard for perversion of the course of justice. We are also hopeful of bringing treason accusations as well. I shall also be putting two federal magistrates on trial. David Dunkley and Louise Henderson.

Lastly. Let me say. I was heartbroken when I spent some hours talking to one Rob Crombie. Rob is a great ally for your people. He tirelessly tells us white folk the REAL story. Rob filled me in on the REAL history of the Originie people. I am ashamed to say I got to 46 and did not know the real story. I shall do all in my power to bring remedy to the originie people and to bring punishment to those who have continued their crimes against you not matter the colour of their skin.

Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)

Should England Sue the Vikings? Should most of the western world sue the Romans? What about the horrendous crimes of the crusaders? or slaughtered chinese involved (on either side) in the taiping rebellon? Human history is'nt pretty.. Life isn't fair.. anyone who tells you otherwise IS trying to sell you something.. they are trying to manipulate the emotions of an indignant 3 year old that lie within most of us.. but why isnt life fair? well its not because people are born in africa in starving households while others are born in mid-town manhattan in penthouse apartments.. whos fault is that? could you remedy that injustice? put the newborn on a plane to Africa? would even that be "Fair".. You can waste your life, and all the good things you could have achieved by chasing rainbows of "Fairness".. Life isnt fair.. some have it tough, some are born with terrible dissabilities, some had terrible things happen to them, while others do not.. thats just how it is.. you cant control that part.

What you CAN control is how you respond to it.... screaming like a 3 year old, behaving like the victim you feel you are, becoming the victim you think you are.. are not going to change the situation. You can blame others, even people like me, but exactly how much good will that do you? None.

So if you want a better life, step up, move house if you need to, get some education, get a decent jobs, change your social circle if you need to, look for all the good things in your life that you have and focus on them, Dont spend your time seeing all the unfair things that have been done to you, don't waste your time being manipulated by others who want you to share their hate, stop pretending that Australia today is anyone else's but the country of all Australians today.. Embrace Australia's history, all of it.. the noble stuff and the ugly stuff, the wise and the totally ignorant.. we are humans we do terrible things, but once in a while we are also responsible for wonderful generous and beautiful things.. in your hate and screaming and feeling hard done by, do you have any room to also be part of this society and do anything good?

I thought so.

Clearly based on the post you chose to delete, Independent media reserves the right to censor opinions that don't fit nicely in the echo chamber that you have established here of the indignant, victimised and oppressed.. Its fine to for people to distort and provoke hate, but telling someone to take a look at themselves and their own role in the theatre that they are actors in is clearly too close to the bone. Screaming obscenities is fine, a bit of sarcasm is clearly not.

I found this story through another website and was completely neutral on it,but keen to see what it was about, until I watched the footage. The article constricted here is clearly one sided however the footage shows that:

- Police use standard techniques to subdue the crowd.
- There is no excess or brutal force used. At All.
- The crowd clearly provokes the situation.
- We don't know what happened before the filming started.
- The few smarter (?) voices in the crowd who tell members of the family to calm down, not resist arrest, keep quiet, etc are drowned out by the other members trying to aggravate the situation.
- Saying this will be on current affair, and get ya phones out (to film it) doesn't mean anything. The police appear at all times to react in a reasonable manner considering their numbers compared to the crowd, and how aggressive the mob is behaving towards them.

Just trying to give an honest opinion, remember we don't know what happened before this (either way). I think you can hardly trust the words of the family given they have an openly distinct hatred for police. Bias is paramount.

And yes I do think its unfortunate that they lost their brother, son, etc. However if they planned to use that footage for anything it could work in the Police's favour.

I think its funny how a story can be reported and facts skewed to suit whoever is sitting in the chair of caring! - there will be a day one day when the police are actually supported by the community they police and when that day happens expect there to be a reduction in crime. Until this day one can only be expected to see community derision for the job that the police do, crime will be on the rise whilst ever there is this split in community / police relations. Police are no thugs or bullies they are just trying to do their job in an increasingly diverse and resultant difficulty 'ruled/belief' society.

In my final point i say, 'before your criticise someone you should first walk a mile in their shoes' (author unknown). If you have never been sworn cursed and abused for nothing more than wearing a uniform then you have no idea what police go through everyday and your opinion is null and void.

Stop posting badgering type comments about the police you don't know so don't pretend, sit back in your little ivory tower for those that do, and the others can go back to their newly discovered internet, DOH accommodation.


Concerned community member :).

I have been attacked by the NSW Police from St Marys, im also a aboriginal person. We was sprayed batted and i have been left with a scar on my head from the police throwing me through a wallunit. The complaint for police to attend was over loud music. We listened to the orders from the police but they stayed out side the home to provoke us. NSW police have a lot to answer for and they will pay for happend to myself and the Hickeys.

Your are just as bad as the Hickey family. Why you ask, that's because you are trying to get people to feel sorry for you for doing the wrong thing in life. I bet you had broken the law and was mouthing off at the police just so they would attack you so you can cry victimisation to the public get a payout! Go out and earn your money just like everyone else in this world.
Police have a job to do and is to make our streets safe

I commented in another article by Ray Jackson about the invocation of fear by Australian police, how the police use fear rather than community policing as their approach.

England and Vietnam are countries that use a different approach. They use community policing. Their police do NOT carry firearms, they use consultation and community identities when negotiating with irate families. Discussion and arbitration are high on their agendas and is what the Hickey family is calling for over this episode.

This is a good example of how not to police. It turned into a hate session with the powerful bashing the weak and the weak resorting to their only weapon - verbal abuse.

This is a no win situation for the police for hatred will only be compounded and the family more abused. These episodes also harden and isolate police from community as police become dissociated and therefore more likely to use weapons and cruelty in argumentative situations and to deliberately set up suspects to act out so that they may be abused through the legal system.

Only a change in the direction of policing towards the English and Vietnamese models of community policing will solve these problems. Until then we'll only see more of the same.

'You are just trying to get people to feel sorry for you' - are you for real or is it just that you don't get it????? Who would put themselves in such a situation to be a victim of such brutality as exhibited by these NSW cops? Did you read the article thoroughly? Can you begin to imagine why anyone with medical conditions such as diabetes would put themselves in a position where they could be denied medication and could let's face it become yet another Aboriginal death in custody? Maybe you should check out information on the record which tells of crimes AGAINST Aboriginal people particularly when it comes to policing - check out the experience of the Murray family(i.e. Eddie's family)- his dad is still being persecuted as detailed in John Pilger's Sydney Peace Prize acceptance speech not so long ago. Don't you realise that this was a police exercise nothing more, nothing less. How could such behaviour make our streets safer? One doesn't need to look too far to see that this exercise had nothing to do with making our/your streets safer but everything to do with further harassment, intimidation and persecution of a family who has already been victimised after losing a family member in February 2004 at the hands of NSW police. TJ's family (and even his extended family) has been suffering ongoing racist treatment at the hands of NSW cops in various LACs and what you see here on Indymedia is just a small part of it. For your information people lost their jobs after this racist incident but according to the grapevine a couple of them have manage to secure employment again - no thanks to people with attitudes such as NSW police and the 50% of the Australian population who are racist - according to recent survey results! Shame on the racists - be they perpetrators, collaborators or bystanders. What sort of a country or world are you attempting to create? I for one would be happy to live in a peaceful world where everyone has a place be they Indigenous or non-Indigenous. As the lyrics of John Lennon's song 'Imagine' come to mind I try to imagine.

Please note that the support rally will now be held on MAY 23 and not March 23. This is because the police changed the trial date to May 23. This is no doubt an attempt by the authorities to dissipate growing support for the campaign and to confuse supporters as to what the actual rally date is. Their efforts will fail and we will instead use the extra time to further build the campaign.

However it is important that everyone is informed of the new rally date in the next few days so that people do not mistakenly turn up on March 23. If you have linked this original posting to another web/blog site please inform them of the new rally date. Please also inform other web/blog sites that you know have picked up this story.

Finally please follow postings by United Front on this Indymedia site about this issue for further confirmation of the rally date and for further updates on this campaign.


why are natives being abused by the system (man made laws)?
its not okay to continue hurting our Native People.
Some of the ugly words to best describe of what's been happening to our Native People is words like: cruelty, racism, jealousy, hatred and genocide. These ugly words have played a huge role in hurting Native People in the past and present.
Let's stop this cycle!!!

Pray to the Creator for our People so they don't continue this type of behavior towards Natives, also pray to the Creator for the future of our children and grand children that they will live in harmony with all races

Note that the adult defendants have now had their final pre-trial court hearing.

The trial date has been confirmed as May 23.

So rain, hail or shine the rally will take place at 9am, May 23 outside the Parramatta Court, Corner of George and Marsden Streets, Parramatta.

Spread the word and be there yourself!

I am just disgusted by this. I wish them the best of luck. As a white girl from an affluent area, I am horrified to see that this sort of racism still occurs in our society. I will be at that protest showing my support because it is plain embarrassing that this still happens in our communities in this day and age and something needs to be done

Sorry wont be able to attend rally as i will be working.


i promise you that every single one of these police officers who took part in this and other events like this will be condemned to eternal torture, may there souls burn in hell. I'm not sure about what happened yet, no one should inappropriately touch a woman like that, or humiliate her in public like that, no one should be that violent to a 16 year old boy and no one should treat elderly woman like that. It does not matter what has happened, these boundaries were crossed by the police officers. I know they will not get justice in such a flawed system but i promise you they will get they're punishment.

The people who wrote this blog are just racist against police and against peace loving society. TJ hickey died cause he was robbing women at redfern station so whenever he saw the police he panicked. Using excuses that police are racist against aboringines is a cop out for your own bad behaviour. After watching this video it is clear this family are feral and got what they deserved.

This would NEVER happen in a wealthy Jewish or caucasian neighborhood ! The chief judge is a Jew as is the chief the cops wouldn't dare touch anyone close to them,etc ! Australia has always been a police state and especially the corrupt NSW cops who have always been on the take ! That's why I left Australia...justice there belongs to those who are rich and well one else !

fantazamaraz: reporter-critic-broadcaster. Single father of Australians.

Racism is so prevalent in Australia. It stems from the white colonisation of Australia. Whites came and set up home in someone else's backyard and murdered, raped, molested and enacted heinous crimes against the indigenous populations. What would have been passed on from father to son, mother to daughter but a cycle of deviant and atrocious behaviours accumulating over the years to black deaths in custody, racism a given and children stolen from their mothers.
Whites will never understand the pain, humiliation, shame and rage that non-whites go through in this world. That's why they lack the compassion and humaneness of non-white races.
I'm sorry you had to go through that, but I do believe in karma. You may not get to see it, but bad things will happen to them, whether it be a death, sickness, accident, random act of nature, a loss of a loved one/s, charges against them or financial loss. Think of that and smile.

" Whites will never understand the pain, humiliation, shame and rage that non-whites go through in this world."
"That's why they lack the compassion and humaneness of non-white races."
What a load of bullshit.
I think that your ancestors passed on diseases of moronic prejudice to you. You are racist and out of touch.
Karma is nothing but witchcraft - according to what you believe - these Aboriginal people have done terrible things so they deserve to be arrested and treated with a lack of respect whilst in custody because they are notorious and aboriginal? How warped.
The video was removed from you tube so I would not comment on what was done by police. It looks like police attended with the intention to arrest these people. It looks like there was some form of a struggle and that the Aboriginals arrested were resisting arrest.
However it does not condone physical assault of banging the boys head against the footpath if thats what happened.
This would cause these injuries in the photos.
I am disgusted in the policeman who lifted up the girls dress in public, that was clearly humiliating to her.
Dont give up your fight for the truth during your trial.If what was done to you was wrong I am sure that this would be evident and vigorously argued.
People can accuse and oppress you but God is watching over you even if you're not a Christian He cares about you and your family.
Forgiveness is however the hardest lesson to learn in life and it will be near impossible to forgive until justice is done.

I understand this case is due to resume at Parramatta Court on Monday 17 October. Is this still happening and if so, how long is the case expected to run? Media reports of the original days in court seem to have given the impression that police may have colluded in preparing their statements/reports so it will be interesting to see the outcome of the case.

I've heard that there's to be a rally on Sun.16 Oct. 2011 in Parramatta (Church St. Mall/Darcy St end)– 2:00pm-3:30pm. Hopefully there'll be a huge attendance to show solidarity/support for those charged in the lead-up to their court case resuming on Mon. 17 Oct. in Parramatta Court (Church St. Parramatta)