High Court writ sought to challenge Australian governments acting as a corporation registered in the US

Media release: By Michael Anderson, leader of the Euahlayi nation, Goodooga, northwest NSW, 25 December 2010.
Members and associates of the New Way Sovereignty Summit are closer to bringing to an end the farcical notion that Australia is a free and independent sovereign international state. Independent legal researchers have submitted to the United Nations in 1999 a bundle of documents, titled The Concealed Colony, that clearly demonstrate that Australia’s standing in the international community is a lie, supported by a convention of denial on the part of the international community.

My recent statement about Australia being a colonial state is based on fact and in this regard there are significant implications for my people. This will become more transparent early in 2011.

It is significant that on the 8th December 2010, a Prerogative Writ of Mandamus was filed in the High Court of Australia. This has a great number of ramifications particularly for Aboriginal people, but it will be essential for our people to now come together to discuss the fallout that will emerge for us as sovereign nations and peoples.

In the December 8 writ the applicants demand that the executive government of Australia ‘cease all operations that are carried out under the Commonwealth of Australia ABN 122 104 616 and registered with the United States American Securities and Exchange Commission No. 000 080 5157 and further command them to dissolve their subsidiary companies being;
The State of New South Wales ABN 066561153
The State of Victoria ABN 054558619
The State of Queensland ABN 066 102930
The State of South Australia ABN 050208921
The State of Western Australia ABN 072526008
The State of Tasmania ABN 053201308
The Trustees of Northern Territory Government ABN 09059854’

It is alleged that to have incorporated Australia as a company in the United States of America represents a fraudulent act against its citizens by falsely pretending that this was done with their knowledge and authority.

This act by the states’ leadership can also be viewed as an act of treason, because they have acquiesced and compromised the sovereignty of Australia. At the same time we have so-called Aboriginal leaders in this country acquiescing our Aboriginal sovereignty for a fist full of dollars and notoriety with those who have acted and continue to act against their own sovereign people.

It is our time to take the biggest stand in our history as an invaded people. I believe that Aboriginal people have now reached the point where going forward means challenging the status quo and altering our history. We have two choices: to de-colonize ourselves and become free and independent people pursuing our own chosen destiny though the process of self-determination, or to acquiesce and become assimilated into the invader society, degrading our culture to mere museum pieces in which we perform like trained monkeys for the tourists.

The likes of Noel Pearson, Warren Mundine and others who purport to represent our people and direct and influence government policy do not represent my people, the Euahlayi. At no time have these people talked or consulted with any of us on any issues.

The most unfortunate thing about this is that governments will always argue that the radicals who seek to alter history for the good of our people but against the standing order of government are considered radical militants and do not represent the Aboriginal community as a whole, but when it comes to further oppressing us they quickly find members of other nations or people within our own nations, who will sell out to advance themselves, from which the benefits they gain personally far outweigh anything their own people can offer.

A gathering of Aboriginal minds and protest will be organized in Canberra in early February; a date will be publicised later.

I can be contacted at 02 68296355 landline, 04272 92 492 mobile, 02 68296375 fax, ngurampaa@bigpond.com.au



The third choice is when all Australians assimilate with first Australians
which with gender is just about complete.


As a born Australian i see no other choice but to sign a treaty with the original people of this land to progress any further. Any actions brought in by parliament just further accepts the lies and treason that has been committed. It IS time to wake up and it is time to live on this planet as independent communities without compromising the state of our mother earth.

I am loving your work guys but is there an update as to what happened with the writs would love to have an update to post and if I can be of any help please let me know.

exactly what happened to this ?

Wrong court eh fellas ? might listen next time ?

To a large extent, this is a Constitutional issue, emanating from the fact Australia is still using the law of a foreign country as their Constitution. This is in breach of the original League of Nation's membership and this same breach is carried over to membership with the United Nations.
The problem for the High Court is that they have recognised the UK as a foreign country, but have never challenged the idiocracy of the Westminster Act of 1942 and the Australia Act of 1986, both of which were farcical attempts to make Australia appear independent. Thus, any challenge relating to Australia's Constitutional issues impacts directly on the validity of the High Court in upholding deliberate deceit - not to mention the acceptance of creating and endorsing the illegitimacy of the Queen of Australia.