Hobart: rally for free speech, Wikileaks and human rights

Over 200 people turned up for a Human Rights Day rally in Hobart in support of free speech, Julian Assange and the Wikileaks website on Saturday.

Meeting on the Parliament House lawns the rally heard speakers from the Democrats, Socialist Alliance, and a message of support from Independent MP Andrew Wilkie.

Wikileaks and it's founder Julian Assange, have been under sustained attack from US politicians and the US Government over the progressive publishing of 250,000 US diplomatic cables in co-operation with several major newspapers. He has been likened to Daniel Ellsberg who leaked the Pentagon papers in 1971. On Tuesday Sweden issued an Interpol warrant for the detention of Julian Assange over allegations of sexual assault. Within hours Assange presented himself to British police. The court denied a bail application and Assange is presently in prison awaiting an extradition hearing this coming week.

Photo: Wikileaks Rally Hobart 2010 by Noodle snacks from wikipedia Commons. Copyright under Creative Commons Sharealike attribution 3.0