Students rally to condemn Brumby's attack on TAFE

On Thursday 18th of November, Dandenong TAFE students held their second rally against the regressive changes brought in by the Brumby Government that greatly increase the costs of TAFE for people and increase subsidies to private operators. Organisers of the rally said "We think it's unfair to increase the TAFE student fees; TAFE should be affordable to everyone!". The crowd gathered to make their voice heard in the lead up to the State election on November 27th, soldiering on despite the rain.
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Info on the campaign

Over 400,000 students access Victorian TAFEs each year. On July 1, 2009, the State Government introduced reforms which will see TAFE fees triple for many courses, many concession rates abolished and full fees charged for those who already have a degree or diploma, which could be up to $20,000.

Instead of giving TAFE the funding it needs, the Government is shifting the cost onto those who can least afford it and reducing access for those who need it most.