BD News: Australian PM seeks support from Asian leaders for asylum centre in Timor-Leste

Update on Australian PM's proposal for Asylum-seeker Processing in Timor-Leste (31 Oct 10)

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Australian PM's proposal for Asylum-seeker Processing in Timor-Leste:

Sentru Prosesamentu ba Refujiadu iha Timor-Leste ka lae?:

Um Centro de Processamento de Refugiados em Timor-Leste?:

31 October 2010

A collection of articles and news items about Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard's proposal to establish a processing centre in East Timor for people seeking asylum in Australia.

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30 Oct 2010: SMH: Gillard spruiks asylum plan at ASEAN talks
"[Australia's] Prime Minister Julia Gillard has pitched her plan to build a regional asylum seeker processing centre in East Timor during a major meeting of Asian leaders. Ms Gillard spruiked the proposal at the 16-nation East Asia Summit and a series of bilateral meetings on the sidelines in Hanoi on Saturday. The summit brings together the leaders of the 10 ASEAN countries plus Australia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand and South Korea."

30 Oct 2010: Adelaide Now: Gillard targets asylum support
"[Australia's Prime Minister] JULIA Gillard will ask the United Nations to support her plan to set up a regional processing centre for asylum seekers in East Timor. The Prime Minister was due to meet the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon in Hanoi last night and also intends to promote her idea in meetings with other world leaders during her five-day Asia tour." Phillip Hudson, Hanoi

30 Oct 2010: Australian: Julia Gillard seeks Asian leaders' support for asylum centre in East Timor
"[Australia's Prime Minister] JULIA Gillard has begun the hard sell to gain Asian support for her plan to establish a regional asylum-seeker processing centre in East Timor. The Prime Minister discussed the issue with Chinese Premier Wen Jiaboa today after lobbying United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon last night." Matthew Franklin, chief political correspondent, in Hanoi

30 Oct 2010: Australian: Gillard asks UN chief for asylum-centre help
"[Australia's Prime Minister] JULIA Gillard last night appealed to the UN for co-operation in establishing a regional processing centre for asylum-seekers in East Timor. ... Ms Gillard, in the Vietnamese capital for the East Asia Summit, told reporters she would raise several issues in her meeting with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, including her bid to cripple the operations of people-smugglers by having all arrivals processed in East Timor or another country." Matthew Franklin, Chief political correspondent

30 Oct 2010: ABC: Gillard to meet with Asian leaders in Vietnam
"Last night she [Australia's Prime Minister Julia Gillard] began the summit with a discussion with New Zealand's prime minister John Key and the two leaders touched on her plan for processing asylum seekers in East Timor, as well as the situation in Fiji."

30 Oct 2010: ABC: Gillard praises Rudd's summit vision
"[Australia's] Prime Minister Julia Gillard says the East Asia Summit being held in Vietnam is the sort of grouping Kevin Rudd was pushing for when he was leader. ... As part of her five-day, three-country tour, Ms Gillard held a bilateral meeting with her New Zealand counterpart, John Key. She will also hold talks with United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon. The Prime Minister says she will raise her plan for a regional processing centre for asylum seekers in East Timor in talks." Louise Yaxley and wires

29 Outobru 2010: Timor Hau Nian Doben: Sentru Prosesamentu Refujiadu "La'os UNMIT maka Dedide maibe Governu TL"
"Timor Post - Dili-Forum Organizasaun Naun-Govermentál Timor Leste (FONGTIL) organiza sorumutuk ida ne’ebé halibur hamutuk reprejetante NGO, akademikú no Misaun ONU iha Timor Leste hodi koa-lia kona ba assuntu prosesamentu refujiadu iha Timor Leste. “Ami la aseita fatin refujiadu ne’e hari’i iha Timor Leste, karik Governu ulun moruk atu simu no estabelese duni, ami hamutuk povu Timor-Leste sei halo asaun tanba Timor Leste la’os atu sai fatin lixu,” lia funa ne’e hato’o hosi reprezetante Aliansa Nasionál ba Tribunál Internasional (ANTI) iha sorumutuk ne’ebé hala’o iha edifisiu FONGTIL Kaikoli, Kinta (28/10)."

29 Oct 2010: Yahoo!7: Australia PM targets people-smuggling on first Asia tour
"Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard left Friday for her first regional tour, including a trip to Indonesia where she will discuss ambitious plans for a regional asylum-seeker detention centre."

28 Oct 2010: Australian: East Timor plan lacks action and credibility
"BEFORE the election Kevin Rudd as prime minister considered the option of trying to open an asylum-seeker processing centre in East Timor and rejected it. ... On the day before he was dumped as prime minister, Rudd told Julia Gillard the idea was a dud. It wouldn't work. In fact it was basically a version of John Howard's Pacific solution, which involved a centre on Nauru, but unlike the Pacific solution the East Timor centre would not work if tried." Greg Sheridan, Foreign editor

27 Oct 2010: First formal talks for PMs
"[New Zealand] Prime Minister John Key will hold his first formal talks with Australian Premier Julia Gillard in Vietnam this week. ... The Australian Government's plans for a processing centre for refugees in East Timor is also likely to come up. The controversial detention centre would see asylum seekers from across Asia apply to come to Australia and New Zealand."

26 Oct 2010: SMH: Rudd rejected Timor option: new book
"Former prime minister Kevin Rudd warned his successor Julia Gillard that attempting to set up an asylum seeker processing centre in East Timor would not work, according to a new book. Veteran Nine News political reporter Laurie Oakes writes in his new book, On The Record, that Mr Rudd attended a meeting about asylum seeker policy in June in which the East Timor option was raised."

26 Oct 2010: Australian: Julia Gillard silent on asylum nations
"JULIA Gillard yesterday dismissed demands to say which countries would be eligible to use Labor's proposed centre for asylum-seekers. The Prime Minister was hit with a barrage of questions in parliament about which geographic areas the East Timor centre would accept asylum-seekers from, and whether its scope extended beyond the Asia-Pacific region." Lanai Vasek

26 Oct 2010: Open Australia: Senate debates - Tuesday, 26 October 2010 - Questions without Notice - Asylum Seekers

25 Oct 2010: Australian: Julia Gillard pressed to identify source countries for proposed Timor processing centre
"JULIA Gillard is under increasing Coalition pressure to define which asylum-seekers may be transferred to her proposed regional processing centre in East Timor. Ms Gillard was bombarded by opposition questions in parliament today about which geographic areas the centre would accept asylum-seekers from, and whether its scope extended beyond the Asia-Pacific." Joe Kelly

24 Oct 2010: SMH: Promise to consult on centre
"[Australia's] Immigration Minister Chris Bowen says the prime minister did not inform a South Australian community she visited that it was earmarked for the community detention of asylum seekers because the decision hadn't been made. ... Labor's planned regional processing facility for asylum seekers in East Timor was seen as a very worthy proposal by Indonesia but the nation was not yet ready to sign on to a plan, Mr Bowen said. "They're not going to sign up to a proposal now ... but they want us to be working very closely," he said."

22 Outubru 2010: Suara Timor Lorosae: Pedidu Prosesamentu Refujiadu, CNRT Husu PR Horta Nonok, Fretilin Prontu Dialogu
"DILI – Pedidu Governu Australia hodi tau Timor Leste nudar sentru prosesamentu refujiadu Internasional, hamosu wacana nebe nunka iha hun no rohan. Hotu-hotu fo nia argumentu ho diverjensia hanoin, mas seidauk hetan nia finalidade."

22 Outubru 2010: SAPO Notícias: Polémika Konabá Pedidu Sentru Prosesamentu Refujiadus
"Iha kinta-feira horse’ik (21/10), porta vós husi bankada CNRT, Adérito Hugo da Costa ba STL, hateten katak pedidu husi Governu Autrália nian hodi loke Sentru Prosesamentu Refujiadus Internasionál iha Timor-Leste halori polémika bo’ot i ema hotu fó komentáriu ke laiha hun nó roha, tenik."

22 de Outubro de 2010: SAPO Notícias: Polémica em torno do Centro de Processamento de Refugiados
"O porta-voz da bancada CNRT, Adérito Hugo da Costa, afirmou ontem ao jornal STL que o pedido do Governo australiano para estabelecer o Centro de Processamento de Refugiados em Timor Leste gerou muita polémica e que muitas das opiniões dadas acerca deste assunto não têm fundamento."

18 Outubru 2010: Suara Timor Lorosae: Konaba Sentru Prosesamentu, PM Xanana: Presiza Dialogu ho Indonezia
"DILI – Primeiru Ministru Kay Rala Xanana Gusmão informa katak, Governu Timor Leste sei la taka dalan atu simu proposta Governu Australia nian atu kria sentru prosesamentu ba refujiadu azilu politiku internasional. Maibe, TL presiza halo dialogu ho Governu Indonesia no Nova Zelandia (NZ), inklui Governu Australia hodi tetu hamutuk vantazen no dez-vantazen proposta ne’e."

15 Outubru 2010: Timor Expose: FRETILIN hateten ba Australia Timór-Leste labele sai sentru detensaun ba Azilu Politiku.
"Dili- Sorumutu entre lideransa Fretilin ho delegasaun Australia nebe sefia husi Ministru Imigrasaun Australia Chris Bowen atu deskuti konaba estabelesementu sentru detensaun ba Azilu Politika iha Timór la hetan saida mak governu Australia hakarak."

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