John Mickel concealing corruption

My political protest outside the electoral office of my local MP, John Mickel Speaker of Parliament has now entered its 9th (ninth) week. And my local elected MP is still denying us electoral representation and continues to pretend my son, a bullied schoolboy and me do not even exist.

John Mickel is still doggedly refusing to acknowledge us and is still refusing to assist us in any way. He has often claimed to be a devout Catholic, who attends Sunday mass at St Bernardine’s Catholic Church.

Yet he has repeatedly declined to table our documented and corroborated judicial abuse and judicial corruption allegations in a human rights court complaint (without legal youth advocacy) on severe school bullying and education discrimination, in Parliament under the Westminster system of political accountability.

On 16 June 2010, the very same day the Jimboomba Times ran a story about us and our ongoing political protest outside his electorate office, Mr Mickel described false and hypocritical Christians as “an absolute and utter fraud” in a propaganda piece in the Logan West Leader. The irony of this is simply mind boggling and galling. And I could not have put it any better than John Mickel himself.

Mr Mickel does not want to inform the public on how we were repeatedly abused and intimidated in court without a legal youth advocate or NGO in sight and how we were not heard and denied any semblance of justice.

He does not want to inform the public how the rule of law and The Rights of the Child were repeatedly ignored. Nor the fact our courtroom audio tapes and transcripts were repeatedly severely edited to pervert the course of justice and to deny us the evidence of the harrowing abuse we were subjected to in court hearings lasting for over 7 ½ exhausting hours.

There are four Queensland judges involved including Queensland University Adjunct Law Professor, Robert Wensley QC, Governor Penelope Wensley’s own brother. The Governor has refused to acknowledge us and government pretends we simply do not exist.

When we are demonstrating outside his electorate office everyday from Monday to Friday, Mr Mickel often walks past us on his way to and from his office and also simply pretends we do not exist!

Despite this Mr Mickel continues to insist he be addressed with the title “The Honourable John Mickel", even though he is acting in a most dishonourable, unparliamentary and simply inhuman way towards us. I also see no Christian behaviour here. Catholic? Oh Please!

When I went to Parliament to raise this issue from the public gallery on 23 April 2009, I was violently ejected by armed police on the orders of Mr Mickel, my very own elected Member of Parliament. Courier Mail journalist Rosemary Odgers interviewed me outside Parliament after my violent ejection by armed police, but the issue was suppressed by the press gallery.

It appears the public is not entitled to know what goes on in Parliament, which is no longer the people’s house. The Bligh Labor government banned TV news cameras from Parliament in 2008. When the Independent Member for Nicklin, Peter Wellington objected to the banning of TV news cameras in Parliament in 2008, he was punished for speaking out as mentioned in “MP says sorry for TV camera comment” “State Parliament Transcript”

Labor MP Annastacia Palaszczuk at the time claimed “The role of the office of the Speaker is the cornerstone of parliament and respect for the speaker is essential for the power, authority and integrity of parliament. The member for Nicklin's written and oral submissions indicate a lack of respect for the role of office of the speaker”

Cornerstone of Parliament?! Integrity of Parliament?! Respect?! How can any of this be true, when the Speaker denies his very own constituents and abuses his power by ejecting me from Parliament, when I went there as a measure of very last resort to draw attention to this travesty and Parliament did nothing and said nothing?

When Mr Mickel was sworn in, did he not pledge an oath of office to serve his constituents, the people of Queensland?

Due to Mr Mickel’s refusal to represent us for absolutely no reason at all, other than probably wanting to protect Labor party interests, I had to turn to the Independent Member for Kingaroy to sponsor my e-petition for an independent investigation into how our courtroom audio tapes and transcripts were repeatedly severely edited.

The petition is open to Queensland residents and closes on 2 August 2010. E-petition link and details : Independent investigation into unlawful editing of courtroom audio tapes and transcripts

TO: The Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland

"The petition of residents of the State of Queensland draws to the attention of the House the fact a boy was repeatedly subjected to severe school bullying, education discrimination and denied access to public service on equal terms. Represented by his mother in the Queensland Anti Discrimination Tribunal and Supreme Court, she suffered repeated abuse, intimidation and was denied the right to be heard by impartial judges via the ICCPR and Rights of the Child. Allegations of severe editing of courtroom audiotapes and transcripts are corroborated by retired journalists and an independent specialist confirmed considered time is missing from the tapes due to erasure but the CMC has refused to conduct an independent investigation into the complaint. As a result the boy was ordered to pay over $28,000 in legal costs to Education Queensland.

Your petitioners, therefore, request the House to order a full, independent and impartial investigation into why the State Recording Bureau allowed the courtroom audiotapes and transcripts to be repeatedly severely edited".

Even though this matter is without doubt a matter of public interest, the mainstream media has denied us any publicity, with the exception of the small magazine style community newspaper, Jimboomba Times, which published our long running protest and my documented and corroborated judicial corruption allegations on 16 June 2010 in an article titled “Protest draws attention of passers-by.”

No one, including Parliament has ever mentioned the very serious documented and corroborated allegations I made there, or how I was violently ejected by armed police for telling the truth and nothing but the truth on Mr Mickel’s own orders.

Democracy suffers here and so do we as we continue to be denied the fundamental and inalienable human right to advocacy and access to public service in our very own country on equal terms as Australian born citizens.

The 4BC Forum photo of 17 March 2010 shows me talking to the seated Cameron Dick, who promised me he would look into my complaint when surrounded by the media, but has since continued to be incommunicado. When I began telling him about my judicial abuse and corruption allegations and his dogged refusal to assist me in any way, he fled telling the media he was just going to get his jacket as can be seen in this video clip

Sadly, the Attorney General never returned and I never heard from him.

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