Open letter to Federal Clerk of Parliament, Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Federal Parliament

Open letter to:

Federal Clerk of Parliament,
Prime Minister Julia Gillard,
Federal Attorney General Robert McClelland,
and all Federal senators and politicians

N.B. A copy of this letter was emailed to the above on Wednesday, 23 June 2010. There has been no response from anyone.

Since then the Independent Member for Kingaroy has sponsored an e-petition for an “Independent investigation into unlawful editing of courtroom audio tapes and transcripts” on my behalf, because my elected Member of Parliament, John Mickel, Speaker of Queensland Parliament continues to deny me electoral representation and continues to ignore me and my 23 day long protest outside his electoral office.

The petition calls for an independent investigation into how an unrepresented bullied schoolboy and his layperson mother were repeatedly intimidated and abused in court and how their courtroom audiotapes and transcripts were repeatedly severely edited to deny them the evidence of that abuse and to pervert the course of justice. Queensland residents concerned about these issues can sign the petition by following the above link.

More information in my citizen journalist article Speaker of Queensland Parliament ignores lengthy and ongoing protest outside his electorate office

Copy of the e-letter I sent to the Prime Minister and Federal Parliament on 23 June 2010:

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

Attached is a copy of the article Jimboomba Times published on my protest on 16 June 2010.

When will parliamentarians stand up and speak up on this travesty?
When will someone stand up and speak on what is right and wrong and protect children like my son who was denied legal youth advocacy in a human rights court and had his audio tapes and transcripts repeatedly edited as described in Armed Police Eject Mother From Queensland Parliament

Click to hear my radio call to Chuck Brooks from Radio 4BC Brisbane

I have constantly said I want an independent investigation into the judicial abuse and judicial corruption we experienced and that is documented in my complaints to the CMC, PCMC and my many online comments and citizen journalist articles.

After ignoring me for years Mr Mickel decided he would table an inquiry into school bullying instead (which I NEVER once asked for and do NOT want)!

I am still protesting outside his office because he refuses to table my documented and corroborated judicial corruption allegations against my son and myself in Parliament or get someone to table them on his behalf.

The deadly silence is so offensive to us! Don't we deserve better? We are Australian citizens and my son is Australian born.

Sincerely yours
Jennifer Nash

PS: The Brisbane Times video clip shows me raising this issue on air. Brisbane Times also published my related comment no. 13 in full and Channel 9 news showed me raising the issue of judicial corruption again. comment no. 13

Mr Dick's history lesson was disappointing. Most people came to raise issues of law and order. I am the woman with the sandwich board, who can be seen in the clip raising the issue of judicial abuse and judicial corruption against an unrepresented bullied schoolboy, (my son) in the Queensland Anti Discrimination Tribunal and Supreme Court in a complaint about severe school bullying and education discrimination.

My local MP, John Mickel, the Speaker of Parliament has denied my son electoral representation and has refused to table our grave allegations in Parliament even though they are corroborated by retired journalists and featured in The Wall Street Journal several times.

Editing courtroom audiotapes or transcripts to pervert the course of justice is a serious offence punishable with up to 5 years in jail, but the CMC and PCMC have refused to investigate our case. One of the four judges involved is Governor Penelope Wensley's own brother, Robert Wensley QC. Governor Wensley has ignored me since she was sworn in.

Further details and coverage:

Radio call to 4BC Armed Police Eject Mother From Queensland Parliament
QLD Governor Silent on Judicial Corruption Claims Against Brother Governor of Queensland's charade and judicial corruption denial continues

Jennifer Nash | Brisbane - March 18, 2010, 8:27AM


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