New grassroots art project: Live Red Art Awards

The Live Red Art Awards and Festival is a new arts project that seeks to promote and recognize art that investigates a radical social and political perspective.


The project, supported by Green Left Weekly's Cultural Dissent, independent magazine Music Feeds, Kinetic Energy Theatre Company and Art Resistance, will be judged at a festival planned for October 17, Addison Road Community Centre in Sydney. A prize of $3000 (with a people’s choice award of $500) will be awarded to an individual artist or group of artists whose work of art best reflects the motto: “Another world is possible, but we must fight for it”.

The award and festival is an initiative of members of the Socialist Alliance in eastern Sydney and has already drawn sponsorship and support from Sydney artists and supporters of political art and culture. Entries will be open to artists across Australia. A condition of entry is that, regardless of the type of art entered, it must be protest art. It must also be able to be performed, installed or mounted by the entrants at the festival itself — hence the concept of “live red art”. This work of art should explore how we can live together in a new way; have the potential of having a mass impact; and aim to inspire social change and raise political awareness.

“Live Red Art presents a unique opportunity for local artists and cultural activists who recognise the connection between art, culture, social life and political change”, Haskell Musry, a member of the LRAA steering committee told Green Left Weekly. “We welcome a range of art forms and media into the festival, including all forms of visual and graphic art, performance art, including poetry and street theatre, as well as interactive art and new media. The only limitation will be the size and scale of the work and its ability to be performed at the festival itself.” 

We believe this new project presents a unique opportunity for local artists and cultural activists who want to strengthen the links between the activist and artist communities, and promises to be a fearless, inspiring convergence of all those who are interested in the collision of social change and jaw-dropping art.

Live Red Art Awards festival and exhibition
October 17, Addison Road Community Centre, Marrickville, Sydney 

Submissions open now