Electronic Frontiers Australia contests link deletion notice from ACMA

This week, our former website hosts, Sublime IP, are contesting a Final Link Deletion Notice that was issued to them for content on our website in May 2009. (See the story we posted at the time.)

Sublime, with our support, are arguing that (a) the notice should have been issued to EFA, not our hosts; and that (b) the issuing of the notice infringes our constitutionally protected right to free political communication. This is particularly important as, under the legislation, only the person to whom the links removal notice was issued has standing to appeal the decision to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. Dale Clapperton, former chair of EFA, is arguing the matter before the AAT on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

It is my understanding that the hearing will be open to the public for any members in Sydney who may wish to be present. Details are:

Tuesday and Wednesday this week, 10am start both days
Level 5, 55 Market St, Sydney

We will post any updates here as they become available.