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[STICS - Stop the Intervention Collective Sydney: http://stoptheintervention.org/ ]

- Special STICS Compilation

STICS Public Forum:
Welfare Quarantining and the Racial Discrimination Act
- what will Macklin's new Intervention laws mean?
Monday, 29th March 2010, 6pm
[Includes background info, media coverage, videos and more]

- News of Forum

National Indigenous Times: Nicholson, Siewert slam Rudd govt over ‘disgraceful’ RDA laws
1 Apr 10: "A former Family Court Chief Justice has delivered a damning assessment of the Rudd government’s attempt to reinstate the Racial Discrimination Act (RDA), saying the fight should be kept up against the “disgraceful” laws even if they are passed. Professor Alastair Nicholson, who launched a report based on the Rudd government’s NT community consultations last year, joined Greens Senator Rachel Siewert at a forum on the RDA in Sydney on Monday night."

- Videos of Forum Speeches

Stop the Intervention - Videos:
"Professor the Hon. Alastair Nicholson AO RFD QC, former Chief Justice of the Family Court
Senator Rachel Siewert, Greens spokesperson on Aboriginal issues"

- Edited transcript of Forum Speech

National Indigenous Times: THE BIG READ: Tired of being ashamed
1 Apr 10: "This is disgraceful legislation which perpetuates the paternalism and racial discrimination inherent in the Intervention. It is a disturbing extension of bureaucratic powers and the power of the executive over welfare recipients and seems to reflect a philosophy more in tune with that of the previous government than what one would expect of a Labor government. The real issue that troubles me is as to why this government, which was elected with such expectation of change, is behaving in this way towards Aboriginal people. ... I urge all of you to continue the fight against this legislation and to maintain that fight even if it is passed." Professor Alastair Nicholson, former Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia

- Opinion

National Indigenous Times: EDITORIAL OPINION: Shame over intervention laws
1 Apr 10: "The last paragraph of former Family Court Chief Justice Alastair Nicholson’s speech, published in this fortnight’s Big Read, is compelling. “I urge all of you to continue the fight against this legislation and to maintain that fight even if it is passed,” he said. “As an Australian I am tired of my country being subjected by its governments to classification as racist and white supremacist and I am tired of being ashamed of my country as I have been since the advent of the Howard government and now its successor.”" Amy McQuire, editor


- Online Petition

Go Petition: An Unrestricted Racial Discrimination Act for the Northern Territory
6 Apr 10: "Background (Preamble):
Legislation currently before the Commonwealth Government includes plans to reinstate the Racial Discrimination Act which was suspended when the Intervention was introduced into the Northern Territory in June, 2007.
However, this new Act will be a very restricted version to the one which was suspended in 2007. It will NOT have the powers to protect Aboriginal people from the consequences of so-called special measures.
For example, when the RDA was suspended, Aboriginal people had no means of appeal against compulsory acquisition of their land by government on 5-year leases. When this new Act is reinstated, NOTHING WILL CHANGE. There will be no legal avenue to address this issue, or any other issue related to the measures. ...
To the Secretary of the Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
We, the undersigned, call upon the Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) at the UN to press for the Reinstatement of an UNRESTRICTED and UNCONDITIONAL Racial Discrimination Act that will provide FULL protection for Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory."

- Petitions to print off and distribute

ANTaR Victoria: Government ignores calls to reinstate an uncompromised Racial Discrimination Act
[scroll down page] http://www.antarvictoria.org.au/
"The RDA that the Australian Government is planning to reinstate has heavily restricted powers and will not protect Aboriginal people from discriminatory ‘special measures’. Concerned Australians calls on community support to press for the reinstatement of an unrestricted RDA.
Download and sign the petition here
http://www.antarvictoria.org.au/downloads/flyer-petition%20RDA%20%202%20... "


Rollback the Intervention:
Intervention Rollback Action Group April bush tour funding appeal
"IRAG is planning a tour of remote NT communities this month to get feedback about the ongoing effects of the Intervention and help communities participate in the national campaign demanding change. $3000 is required to cover food, camping, fuel and other vehicle costs over this period. This tour comes at a critical time. ... "


- News

National Indigenous Times: White and black Australian victims of nuclear testing sue UK
6 Apr 10: "Now, Aboriginal groups and veterans affected by the blasts plan to have their day in court. A group, so far consisting of 250 people, are suing the British Ministry of Defence for the range of cancers, deformities and trauma that has been caused by radiation exposure."

Age: Rudd blasted over apology
3 Apr 10: "The Rudd government has provided a "pittance" to the stolen generations and has failed to do anything practical to help Aboriginal people removed from their families, says the former head of the intervention taskforce."

- Analysis

Countercurrents.org: Ongoing Aboriginal Genocide In Apartheid Australia
3 Apr 10: "A key term in the UN Genocide Convention definition of “genocide” is “intent” which can be ascertained either by (a) confession (most unlikely even if the genocidists are arraigned before the International Criminal Court) or (b) evidence of sustained action or inaction leading to excess deaths (avoidable deaths). Australia is clearly guilty of sustained, remorseless “intent”, in relation to Indigenous (Aboriginal) Australia, to “bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part” by sustained inaction." Dr Gideon Polya

- Videos

YouTube: "Sorry" seems to be the easiest word... because Human Rights are Unconditional
3 Apr 10: "Righting the wrongs of the past, Kevin Rudd? "Sorry" seems to be the easiest word! Racial Discrimination Act is not conditional because Human Rights are Unconditional." GenocideCentre

YouTube: Tis Better To be Racist or Racist Hypocrites ?
1 Apr 10: "Two-headed beast of Genocide, Executive and Judiciary; the Australian government and the judiciary have conspired to perpetrate genocide and crimes against humanity on the defenseless Indigenous peoples of Australia. All for land theft and apartheid."

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