War On The Poor parts 2 and 3 mp3s



KR # 138 War On The Poor part 2

Blair Inquiery Mix, Jeff Dunham Ahmed the dead terrorist, War Lords, amazing speech by war veteran, black Iraqi's discrimination, Vietnam flashback, highly dubious ranys war profiteering, so long Mom a song for world war 3, banks and war, America has been suckered in, J.F. Kennedy about secrecy, myth of war on terror, the hidden cost of war by GOOD, Iraq for sale the war - profiteers trailer, Greenwald exposes war profiteers, war profiteers cartoon, the tale of prince a war profiteer, there's no future in war, child soldiers power profits money extro

credits: youtube, mainscream media samples

music: Tijuana Cartel, Futurhistrix, WAR, Edwin Star, Tom Lehrer, Miles Davies, Marlene Dietrich

Length: 29:57 min 128 kpbs stereo 27.5 MB

KR # 139 War On The Poor part 3

final show on war profits, the finance behind...

war profits history zeitgeist, war profiteering Ralph Nader, this crusade by waxaudio.com.au, why scarcity-competition-conflict ? excerpt written by graham

credits: youtube, other media

music: Wax Audio, Black Sabbath

length: 30:00 min 128 kbps stereo 27.6 MB