Newcastle: activists blockade coal terminal in response to Copenhagen failure

Forty climate activists have closed down the rail line into the world's biggest coal port this morning, (Sunday December 20) protesting the failure of the UN climate talks in Copenhagen to produce a just, effective, and legally binding treaty.

Twenty five of the diverse group - aged from 19 to 86 years and including a Buddhist priest, and an elected local councillor - are occupying a rail bridge in Newcastle, Australia, and refusing to leave. They have hung large banners reading "Greed wrecked Copenhagen: Now it's up to us all", and "You could have done something great."

Three hours into the blockade, police have arrested ten people who were sitting on the rail bridge and refusing to move. Protesters expect the blockade to last for the remainder of the day and perhaps into the night, with a further 15 people still blocking the bridge in difficult to remove positions.

Read more as the protest unfolds at Rising Tide Australia | Photos

Update 3.00pm: According to Rising Tide police have removed the final protester blockading a coal rail bridge in Newcastle, Australia, more than six hours after protesters shut down the coal delivery line into the world's biggest coal port.

There were twenty three arrests in total at the protest, including an 86 year old man, a Buddhist priest , and an elected Newcastle city councillor.

Update: Coverage from ABC News - Climate protesters dragged coal train tracks



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I watched the whole protest as i fished with a friend. What a complete waste of resources. For 7.5 hrs they wasted the time of around 30 police on boats and land. I do not think this is the way to get a point across. The only message i got from the protest is that they. Enjoyed wasting the time of people who work for a living. I completely agree with what they are saying but feel this is not the way to do it.

I BET THEY ALL WENT HOME TO THEIR HOMES AND TURNED ON THE LIGHTS, THE OVEN,THE TV AND THOUGHT NOTHING OF IT. Hello they spent 6hrs driving up & down the river in a RUBBER DINGHY with a petol motor. Bit hypocritical don't you think. In two cars that burnt petrol.

Copenhagen births World Gov't framework despite fallout over science fraud