Gerard Martin claims people who don't live in his electorate have no right commenting

As part of the public inquiry being carried out into Carenne Special School on Sydney Indymedia, I contacted Gerard Martin, member for Bathurst about serious issues at the school. I asked him whether or not he still believed the organisation at the centre of the Carenne Gate affair still delivered best value for dollar following the release of documents on Sydney Indymedia clearly showing they had defrauded the NSW government.

Mr Martin's reply was:
The fact that something has been revealed on Indymedia does not make it true. I am aware of many libellous and untrue statements posted on that website. I am Also intrigued as to how and why people who do not live in the area have no knowledge or links to the school can add to the mischievous innuendo and rumour.

I have news for Mr Martin, as a taxpayer in NSW I have every right to question what is happening with my money. I also pay Mr Martin's wages and have the right to question what he does and says.

I suppose this is why he was so upset being interrogated on Ray Hadley's show this morning - Ray doesn't live in his electorate.


I have news for Mr Martin i have a student at carenne school and everything on indy media sydney about carenne school is correct,Also i'm a tax payer who pays his wages.

MP Martin NSW taxpayers are expected to comment on the work product of our elected reps even you. You refuse to reply to emails or rise to the challenge related to allagations about Carenne Public School at Bathurst. What voters like me are doing is part of the process by which you get re elected. I feel it is my civic duty to expose you and your party members for the weak Labor politicians you clearly are. Edward James

Gerard Martin is woefully mistaken and he can not treat the terrible things that happen there as part of his personal fiefdom, and thus hide them from the public interest. The voters will surely kick this arrogant fellow to the curb in favour of someone who cares about both the electorate and its relation to the state. Any independent can take this seat with little effort.

I have heard Ray Hadley give this grub a spray on 2GB on more that one occaision. The office of Premier and Cabinet in NSW has a lot to answer for. Carenne Public School is damageing students and destroying itself from within while the serious misconduct unit and senior people busy themselves trying to cover up matters which Education Minister Verity Firth should have addressed with sackings last year. The student teacher sex allagations are incidental to children being kept in a place identified as a PIG PEN. No wonder the DET Code of Conduct is such a well hidden doucument. Fear and bullying are tools used by the KLAN along with lies that police have closed down this Indymedia site.

Latest Incident the klan placed human faeces on the front seat of carenne support bus, next to the driver in attempt to bullie her so she will leave her job.These disable students had to travel to lithgow and cullen bullen for six trips before this bus was cleaned it was blamed on a student having a accident ,Which is not correct.Bullying is a serious offence mr martin .The corruption going on in carenne public school will come out i will assure you of that.

Gerard what about the bus your relation goes on to cullen bullen,The klan said the driver was breaking the bus, it was put into clancy motors when the driver refused to drive it because it wasn't road worthy and the hydrolic hose had a hole in it.Would you take the blame if there had been a accident worse still a fatality.

Mr martin what about the big court case going on now in sydney a former student is sueing the state goverment because of your cover ups.More tax payers money wasted.

MP Gerard Martin, MP Linda Burney and MP/Mayor Robert Furolo are Labor MPs what do people expect from them, that they earn their wage or address their constituents concerns. Again they are useless Labor MPs.

The later two have quite some explaining to do to the people they serve with the release of the NSW Ombudsman report being released.

Some info is at

If you have a chance please comment there.

The Daily Telegraph ran a story on Page 11 on the final report issued by the NSW Ombudsman.

And unfortunately as the CouncilGripe site was intimated by the Council lawyers, no submissions are accepted their under Canterbury City Council, which is understood. But.... under Rockdale you will find Canterbury City Council commentary that is permitted.

An incompetently run Canterbury City Council that had these two MP's proudly standing alongside.

An absolute disgrace.

The NSW Ombudsman has disgraced them and now we need the public to see the disgrace - we need everyones support.

Mr Gerard Martin answers to everyone unless he also stands proudly alongside his disgraced coworkers.

above refers to the Daily Telegraph 17 feb

Mr Martin what about the klan as they are known at carenne public school warning people they will be charged if they speak about indy media or Julie Browns Blog .These are the type of people who are looking after disable children."WELL DONE MR MARTIN"Hope you are proud of what you have done.

Good Luck Brian and Nathan Carter in your court cases on monday hope you win against Carenne Support Limited."WELL DONE"

THe People known as the klan from Carenne Public School Bathurst Have attacked Julie BROWNS website the reporting who is bringing all the evil things that are happening at carenne public school out in the open."What have they to hide".

Mr martin what are you hiding concerning Carenne Public School certain employers have bought Julie Browns Website down today saturday 20th february what is it they don't want the public to know what evil things are going on at this school.This is not going away ,These people known as the klan will be stopped.

Good luck too the three people who have court cases this week against the state education ,carenne support ltd and carenne school hope you all win.

The staff at carenne school must have serious things to hide Mr Martin they have bought Julie Brown Website down again this morning the 21st feb,This will not stop the truth comming out it is making the parents and good people more willing to bring the truth out.

Mr Martin see if you still say what is going on at Carenne Public School is not true after what comes out in the real media this week.

Gerard Martin the klan as they are known at carenne public school have bought Julie Brown Website down again what have these people got to hide this won't stop the truth comming out i will assure you of that.

Julie Brown Is Running The Story About The Abuse Of These Innocent Disable Students At Carenne Public School On Her Own Blog The Carenne Gate Affair In The Last 24 Hours A Teacher Of Carenne Public School Michael Auld Has Bought Her Blog Site Down Using DET COMPUTERS AT CARENNE PUBLIC SCHOOL BATHURST ,Verity Firth,Gerard Martin, Peter Harvey. Carol McDimad All Say There Is Nothing Wrong At Carenne Public School If So Why Is This Teacher Michael Auld Bringing Julie Brown Blog Page Down,I Know First Hand And Have Witness The Abuse Of These Innocent Children And Nothing Is Being Done"SHAME SHAME SHAME "

Well done for standing up for these children, they can't stand up for themselves.Mickileaks.