Street lamps and energy mismanagement

Australia teach the world how to manage energy

One of the most lit area in Adelaide Metro is University of Adelaide. One must be bright, 24/7. This place of enlightened people cannot see the lamps around university complex, they cannot understand when one reports to them. This is going on for years. Picasa Web Albums - Street lamps - Street lamps
This example of what I call street lamps fully on 24/7 for decades and we do have what is called government but no one to take actual responsibility. This is also an example one of many that about nothing what government (regardless of party colours ) says, actually works. There is nothing that an average citizen can do to make government responsible, make government to do what actually is in the best interest of society. Here is the story of the street lamps.
Number of years minister for energy said on radio that they care and manage well and welcome public to report any malfunction and they pay $10 for each reported lamp and not fixed within 5 working days. The next day I reported on my bicycle trip to city and back some over 50 faulty lamps.
I kept reporting for years, in total many thousands of lamps. None was fixed, I got not a penny and I gave up reporting when minister for energy have told me by phone that those lamps are not his but my problem.
Then say 10 years ago, the fully on lamps consisted of about 5% of all street lamps. Today this figure is close to 10% and the Premier Mike Rann does not care, nor his minister nor any of the politicians I turned to. It is clear that the present day government is not serving society.
The power shortages are not only due to the lamps load but also line overload and the equipment earlier failure. This is also demoralisation of children who when become engineers and politicians will take such energy waste as a norm.
I've checked and in Melbourne metro there is no such problem as in Adelaide. I've alerted the Kevin 07, 08 and 09 and no reply nor any improvement, if any there are more lamps fully on.
Apart from those lamps we have huge number of other lamps fully operational and high power to lit the parking areas of Hungry Jack, supermarkets, car yards and many more. Businesses have no responsibility nor the government and we teach the world how to reduce pollution and so on.
Other places of pure energy waste are the building insulation that is lack of. We have no double glazing, no proper design and maintenance. Government does not care about people who rent accommodation, disadvantaged people. They have no choice and often the landlord private or public provide the dearest and least efficient water and space heating. Often those people have no choice and government does not care to ensure that renters do have the most economical means of heating. I have no hot water for years because public landlord provided the most expensive available. I do not have an insulation or should I say that the building is substandard from new and roof leaks making any insulation wet and useless. By the way I live here because it is better than under the bridge or in jail. Yes, government have rob me of my home and later jailed for living on the street. Now I have leaky roof. There are plenty of disadvantaged people who truly have no choice and the government decision is the poorest performing appliances for them.
Other energy wastage include transport. It is most wrong that 70kg person travel to work and back in 1000- 2500kg car. It is insanity. Our government refused some months ago to register a small electric vehicle. They rejected as it is unsafe. They also rejected it as an electric bicycle. It was a step in right direction from business who wanted to introduce this British vehicle to make available here. The government road management forces people to use maximum petrol. Those issues I mention on my website Road safety unofficial - Adelaide - Home
Road rules and management is such that it is strongly anti cycling.
Government mismanagement, irresponsibility and corruption are self evident. I appeal to anyone who can act, to make what is possible to stop that, to learn to truly manage energy well and than any discussion about new energy sources will have sense. When mindset is on wasting, the bigger energy sources will surely mean more wastage. Finally, I am sure that if minister and Kevin Rudd and Mike Rann had to pay those lights usage from own pockets they would make sure that they are only on when are absolutely needed. It is easy to waste public money.