Fair Trade Chocolate Campaign Victory

In a major boost to the Fair Trade movement in Australia and for the campaign to wipe out child slavery and other forms of work exploitation in the cocoa industry, Cadbury Australia has announced it will be seeking Fair Trade Certification for its Dairy Milk chocolate bars by 2010. This comes after a global campaign by NGO's such as the Stop the Traffik to pressure the major chocolate manufactures to embrace Fair Trade.

The announcement which also involves Cadbury's using fair trade chocolate in a number of other countries will boost the amount of Fair Trade sales from Ghana from 5000 tonnes to 20,000 tonnes. This will be very beneficial to the thousands of farmers many who work in co-operatives. Over the last few years campaigners have highlighted how thousands of children work in the cocoa plantations of West Africa, some as literal slaves and many adults are exploited too.

Hopefully this move will place pressure on the other multi-nationals chocolate such as Mars and Nestle companies to fall in line and also eventually Cadbury's entire line will one day be Fair Trade certified.