Great-grandmother arrested doing hokey-pokey

Great grandmother, June Norman, 68, from Brisbane was arrested this morning protesting joint US Australian military exercises at Shoalwater Bay near Rockhampton.

Protesters gathered at a police road block where they performed the Hokey Pokey calling on the Australian military to ‘put their whole bodies out’ of the military base.

Police told the protestors they could not proceed further towards the military gates behind which 15,000 American servicemen are about to start live firing military exercises with the Australian Defence Forces.

Protestors then began singing Hokey Pokey as they put their arms and legs across the police line which police said was a “No Go” area. Ms Norman then moved beyond the police road block singing as she danced the Hokey Pokey before she was arrested.

“Rather than participating in the horrors of war we need to build a powerful committed peace movement that can enjoy themselves while getting their message out there,” said Ms Norman.
The demonstration was attended by about 80 people.

The Hokey Pokey action is apart of ongoing actions in the Shoalwater Region during Operation Talisman 6 – 26 July.
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July 10, 2009

Media Alert

Peace: That’s what it’s all about!

Protesters challenge world hokey pokey record

The Peace Convergence invites members of the military, the police and the broader public to join them on Saturday in an attempt to break the world record for the largest hokey pokey.

What: World’s Largest Hokey Pokey Record Attempt

Date: 11 July Saturday

Time: 9:30am

Meet @: Beachside Amphitheatre, Yeppoon

A coalition of peace, environment and social justice groups, the Peace Convergence will be hosting the hokey pokey attempt to raise awareness about the Talisman Saber war games taking place in the Shoalwater region.

After gathering and rehearsing in Yeppoon, the Hokey Pokey Team will proceed to the perimeters of the Shoalwater Bay Military Training Area where they will perform the hokey pokey. Those wishing to do so, will put their “whole bodies in” to cross over into the military zone.

“We will put putting our bodies over the line to reclaim Shoalwater Bay for peace!” states Peace Convergence spokesperson Robin Taubenfeld.

Up to 30,000 US and Australian troops will be participating in the Talisman Saber war games over the next three weeks.

“We encourage all members of the military to join us by “putting their whole selves” over the line, crossing out into the civilian arena and saying no to war!” Ms. Taubenfeld adds.

“The hokey pokey is a lighthearted way of engaging the community on the serious issue of war and the preparations for war taking place here in the Shoalwater Bay.”

“With troop involvement, we will be able to make up the numbers to break the world record, and turn Shoalwater Bay in to a place to practice peace, not war.”

“All are welcome to join us!”

For more information or media interviews:

Peace Convergence Brisbane: Robin Taubenfeld 0411 118 737

Peace Convergence Melbourne: Jessica Morrison 0431 519 577

Peace Convergence Sydney: Dr Hannah Middleton 0418 668 098

Peace Convergence Capricornia: Keith Jaffray (07) 4935 1644 or 0448 747 660