Six homeless children fighting for a better tomorrow

By Gerry Georgatos - courtesy of The Stringer - - The remote is an idea romanced by Governments when it comes to tourism but when remote communities ask for quality schools, utilities and services, Governments cold shoulder them. Families who want their children to someday have an equal footing to other children are leaving remote communities for the towns and cities, but they are paying a high price – homelessness.

Government racism razes Swan Valley Nyungah Community

by Gerry Georgatos - March 18th, 2014 - In breaking news, the Western Australian State Government sent in demolition contractors to raze the vacant residences of the Swan Valley Nyungah Community. Emotions ran high among former residents, many of whom remain homeless. They only learned of the demolition as it was happening such was the clandestine nature of the Government’s underhandedness.

The Betrayal of Julian Assange

By Robyn Irene - February 23rd, 2014 - Truth changes everything. There is a kind of automatic reaction involved when factual information comes into the public sphere — whether that be the life of a country or an individual. Hidden secrets, the exposure of dirty washing, call it what you will, once we know what is concealed, we feel empowered.More so when our understanding of situations and complex scenarios is complete. The full story is the only story. It is only when we know that we can even begin to properly assess a situation, in our own lives, or in our world.

Marine heatwaves continue decimating corals in the Pilbara with climate change

Marine heatwaves are having a marked impact on coral reef systems off the Pilbara coast. A CSIRO and University of Western Australia study in progress found bleaching and decimation of ancient porite corals - many up to 400 years old - in a recent visit to Barrow Island. The oceans around Australia were unusually warm in 2013. Globally the deep oceans are also continuing to warm.

“We suspect this bleaching event was due to marine heatwaves that occurred in the region over the past few summers, and to see it up close was sobering,” said Dr Russ Babcock, CSIRO lead scientist, “But to offset this loss, some reefs only a short distance north showed much less damage and will continue to contribute to a healthy ecosystem."

Tumult of death - 400 more suicides

Gerry Georgatos - courtesy of The Stringer - - Last year, I aggregated Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) hospital collated data on reported suicides of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples – 996 suicides from 2001 to 2010. That is 1 in 24 of all deaths of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people – by suicide.

TREATY - petition for Treaty - please sign and share

Petitioning the Australian Government, To the Prime Minister, To the Attorney-General

Go the petition site to read and sign the petition - here:

TREATY is the justice - when TREATY is here, "that'd be the justice" said a Central Desert Elder to me.

When we settle for less, in general we are left with 'the less', period.

Hawke Cabinet decision on deaths in custody

Gerry Georgatos - Australians did not have to wait for the National Archives of Australia to release Cabinet papers (for 1987) to find out more about why the Government of Prime Minister Bob Hawke brought on what would become the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. There is nothing in the Cabinet documents that has not been widely known since Prime Minister Hawke moved on the dissent from the rising deaths in custody toll.

Major uranium leak endangers Kakadu - but played down

Gerry Georgatos - courtesy of The Stringer - - A million litres of radioactive slurry has contaminated Kakadu National Park from a burst tank at Ranger uranium mine. It is a significant toxic accident but it has surprisingly generated relatively minimal news coverage. It took the local Traditional Owners to break the news to Australia.

Forty uranium mines is the plan for Western Australia

Gerry Georgatos - courtesy of The Stringer - - Credible sources in the uranium sections of resource companies first told The Stringer, in February, of futurist uranium mining plans that are being deliberated by mining companies for Western Australia – which is rich in high grade uranium, and which is easily accessible in this infrastructure wealthy State. They described a burgeoning relationship with India, the world’s most populous nation, as a market for the uranium.

Australia, the mother of all jailers of Aboriginal people

Gerry Georgatos - - Lo and behold, Australian prison numbers are on the increase, record high – and Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples now comprise nearly one in three of all prisoners. 30 per cent of the Australian prison population is made up of Aboriginal peoples, up from the much touted 26 per cent, the more than one in four of all prisoners. As a researcher in custodial systems and as a prison reform advocate I predicted the rise, accurately.