Occupy CHOGM

Date and Time: 
Friday, October 28, 2011 -
10:00am to 5:00pm
Forest place

We'll be joining countless other Perth activists in solidarity, promoting their causes and using the day as an opportunity to discuss our cause with other protesters and attendees.

We need to approach everyone who will listen, tell them about the wall street occupation, tell them that our media is keeping this from us, and tell them what we're fighting for.

We need to enlist support for a November rally or occupation, we als...o need to make them aware of our facebook page and twitter page so that they can find more information.

As a leaderless movement there will be no leadership on the day, nobody rallying you. It is up to you as individuals to promote the cause, ensure everyone stays safe and peaceful, and help out as much as you can the other activists of Perth. You represent our cause, and our many affiliates internationally so do all you can to portray us in the best light.

Remember, our goal isn't to disrupt the people of Perth and wreck their day or inconvenience them. They are our people, they are the 99%, they are us. We must appeal to them, be kind, be peaceful, be helpful. The same goes for the Police.

If you wish to bring signs, banners or literature please do so. You should use the wall street occupation signs as reference material.

We'll be marching from Forest Place to an undecided location at the present time. We'll be updating the destination once we receive more information from the WA police.

This isn't a day for us, this is a day for the activists of Perth to find out about our cause which will hopefully speak to their sense of what is right. Please click attending if you're available on the day. We will keep the invite list private to protect you from persecution. Stay tuned for a lot more information before the date, as always, feel free to contact us on occupyperth@gmail.com