Counter Rally to "People revolt" climate tax rally

Date and Time: 
Saturday, March 12, 2011 -
11:00am to 12:00pm
Treasurer Place Melbourne

The fear campaign against a price on pollution has become so absurd that talkback radio hosts are claiming that a price on pollution means the end of our economy and life as we know it. Independent MPs are even receiving death threats.

Now, these same radio hosts have joined with climate deniers and far-right politicians to organise anti-climate action rallies as part of Tony Abbott's "people's revolt". They start on Saturday outside Julia Gillard's electorate office in Melbourne. We must make sure that on the other side of town, our movement comes together to present the positive, mainstream views that hard-line 'shock jocks' prefer to ignore.

If we're successful, the media won't be able report on the anti-carbon price rallies without also reporting that more people turned out to express support for a price on pollution.

Can you join us?

Where: Treasury Place, Melbourne.
When: This Saturday (March 12) at 11am

Right wing shock jock Chris Smith said last week on MTR radio: "I'll do my best on a daily basis to spread the word". We don't have a radio network to promote our rally, but GetUp members have proved before that, when it counts, we're willing to publicly show how much we care about clean energy & climate action.

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I was in Canberra last week and almost every politician and journalist I met with talked to me about the anti-climate action rallies. They're spooked. I assured them that the campaign for climate action was just as strong -- and now, we need to demonstrate this.

That's why it's so important we join together for a few hours this Saturday March 12 -- not to have a louder, angrier rally, but to show the difference in both size and tone. While they're shouting their angry slogans and misinformation, on the other side of Melbourne we'll hold a positive, family-friendly gathering to stand up for our vision for clean energy and preserving a safe climate for our kids.

With your help, we'll prove there are more of us than there are of them and in doing so we'll make a powerful statement.

See you this Saturday.

Simon Sheikh
National Director
for the GetUp team

P.S. We're counting on more then just your presence. We counting on your creativity (as you make a clever homemade banner if you can) and your persuasiveness (as you charm your friends into joining you). RSVP here



Fear campaign I thought that was what Climate Change was.Death threats you are joking we all heard the tape and all that was said was "I hope you die" thats not a death threat, It's like me saying I hope Bob Brown dies of AIDS thats no death threat It's just me saying what I hope for.
You think your views are main stream your a joke. When Labor and the Greens get kicked out at the next election we will see who is main stream and I have voted Labor all my life!
Have you got your rent a crowd thats the only way their will be more of you.

You whole argument is based on a hypothesis(a guess put forward to account for certain facts) the only problem the facts were distorted the scientist we caught cooking the books and the 2009 scientific journal that with drew the sea level rise due to too many mistakes they are the facts.the Scientist were caught LYING in climate gate scandal so you can not believe a word of what they say now,Just like the scientists of the 1970's said the world would have another Ice Age we all know thats crap now just like man made Climate Change is now.

As the old saying goes "If the Government could tax the air we breath they would " I never thought people would be so stupid to fall for that, how wrong I was and how wrong you are.

35% of Australians support a carbon tax Fact.
labors approval has gone from 51% to 48% Fact "Main stream views" my arse

Fear campaign thats what climate change is,
Death threats what death threats? we all heard the tape and the man on the tape said "I hope you die" death threat I think think there are more of you, 35% is not more Don't twist the truth ,it does your cause no good.
Caught out yet again not telling the truth and you wonder why their are scepticism

So! democracy and people seeking a voice is only ok when they support your agenda? Typical totalitarian left. Free speech and liberty for all that agree with us, for those that don't.....well, just shut up.

"price on pollution means the end of our economy and life as we know it"
No, that's AGW you are still thinking of.
"I was in Canberra last week and almost every politician and journalist I met with talked to me about the anti-climate action rallies. They're spooked"
I suppose you were talking to Labour only, hmmm? Your mentors.

I think it's DISGUSTING that we exhale CO2 and I'm really glad Julia is going to TAX THE CRAP out of it. I agree with GetUp that the world would be a MUCH better place with LESS PEOPLE breathing. I think you should organise protests about couples having kids because if everyone had LESS KIDS, they would breathe out less CO2. Eventually we could wipe out Australia's population altogether this way and really fix the problem. And I don't think Julia LIED TO THE ELECTORATE, I think her nose is naturally quite big. She can't help it that she has a big nose and people who don't want their air taxed shouldn't give her a hard time over it or call her names like Liar or Pinocchio. The shock jocks are REALLY SHOCKING. Have you heard them? They actually say that the science is CRAP, that mankind isn't responsible for dangerous global warming and that in fact the planet hasn't warmed for a decade. Like you, I think it's time that people were heard so I am going to turn up at your rally. I've told the Hari Krishna's that go to the temple nearby and they say that they will turn up to chant and dance and make a lot of noise. I feel so much better having shared with you how I feel about this issue.

Also, I meant to ask, what is your view about LABOR SINKING to a primary vote of 30%. I mean, I hear that has NEVER happened before. Do you think is is because people are worried about the Oxygen Tax? Maybe they believe she is a liar? I mean Tony Abbott is out there scaring everyone (cos they can't think for themselves on this issue of course) so maybe its his fault. Maybe Julia's horoscope said she'd be having a bad day. Who knows? Your views?

Get Up is NOT independent. You running a Greens agenda. Here is the proof !

You are promoting an INCREASE on my cost of living.

Get Up are a bunch of FRAUDS !

Simon you wanker...Do you actually believe this rubbish you write? Do you actually believe that the majority of voters support this ridiculous, pointless, destructive tax and related punitive regulations? Of the 30% who support Labor in the latest poll, you can be sure it consists of: Union members, Students/Deluded Activists, unemployed/welfare recipients who rely on the gov't for their income, public servants, and committed socialists/anarchists. The rest (normal, working Aussies) are absolutely ripshit over this. How dare the government try to tell them how often to use their car or turn on their A/C via the tax system. How dare Labor/Greens destroy our economy over some harebrained, half-baked academic theory bullshit. This is not a friggin university lecture hall. This is our economy, our jobs, our security, and our quality of life!

You and the rest of your god damn left wing assholes can go F yourselves. We'll see who turns out more supporters on the day you absolute prick.

Simon, I hate to break it to you buddy, but your views (according to the latest opinion polls) are in no way "mainstream". Furthermore...GetUp's *own* mission statement declares that it 'brings together like-minded people who want to bring participation back into our democracy'. love people participating in democracy except when their views run counter to your own? If you were true to the mission statement, you'd be ecstatic about so many people coming out to protest whether you agreed with them or not. About time you dropped the "independent" from "independent political movement" don't you think?

We should at least send a few folk with really "flat earth" signs to join the other rally and say/do some ott stuff to show how "angry" they are! ;-)

I am a union member - but totally against the carbon tax that will not help 'cool' the planet in any way - you ecotards are deluded - this is to create a carbon trading scheme so the rich get richer and the poor (us) get taxed on the air we breathe out.

Why are the journalists spooked?
You say you spoke to politicians (I assume labor/green) and journalists, and they are all spooked.

Perhaps if they reported the news in an unbiased way, instead of the leftie love in most ABC/Fairfax/Oakes/Reilly have become there would be no fear, just excitement at everyday people willing to Get Up! against stupidity in action.

And Get Up! should be helping with this. You are meant to be all about getting people invoved in politics. As long as it is Green/labor I guess.

Perhaps simon should protest on mars. Afterall, why should we cop the tax when obviously the martians must be carbon dioxide vandals as well. The icecaps on mars are melting and receding at the same rate as the earths temperatures are fluctuating. GETUP Mars - has a ring to it. Is anyone actually a member of GETUP anymore? Everyone I know who was no longer is. Perhaps you'd have more success on Mars.

Why would anyone rally in support of introducing the biggest tax in Australia's history? People bust their balls to improve the standard of living for their families. How crazy to think they would then embrace a tax designed to make them poorer and for zero even negative environmental gain. Are you mad? Say goodbye to manufacturing. What Australian employer is going to hang around to be pack raped by this government when other countries are pleading for their business? For all the GetUp members, your membership buys you a spot in the unemployment cue. This tax is the most absurd thing I have ever seen and threatens the future of my kids. Don't steal from my kids.

by the look of these posts, these tax loving freaks will be the only ones turning up at their rally

I support your campaign to move Australian jobs and CO2 production to China for a zero impact on both CO2 emissions and climate. What a master stroke! Still I dont suppose your jobs are at risk - no work for eco-loons in China.
In my mind the debate reduces to three statements which the AGW side appear to accept as true.
1/ the science is settled
2/ atmospheric CO2 is rising – including the 13 years 1998 to 2010 (inclusive)
3/ 2010 was the hottest year on record but it is not statistically hotter than 1998 (British Met Office)
However, clearly, all three statements cannot be true – there is a logical flaw.
 If 1/ the science is settled is true and 2/ atmospheric CO2 is rising is true, then the global temperature must be rising so 3/ is false
 If 1/ the science is settled is true and 3/ the global temperature is flat is true, then atmospheric CO2 must be flat, so 2/ is false
 If 2/ atmospheric CO2 is rising is true and 3/ the global temperature is flat is true, then the science isn’t settled, and 1/ is false.
I leave it to you Einsteins to work out which one is false.

Everyone once believed the world was flat - until skeptics proved them wrong!

The true flat earthers are the global warming faithful... faith and science don't mix.

This is a tax on a vital gas for life as we know it, it's NOT pollution. What's next, a tax to maintain the gravitational pull of the earth?

A tax on the gravitational pull of the earth why didn't I think of that ? may be we can tax people over 50 Kg and say they will slow the earth down reducing gravity.

We will offer Government grants to the Scientists that agree with us and cut the grants of the Scientists that don't agree

Waxing Gibberish I have a job for people like you in the Greens Party give me a call im sure we can work something out

What the worlds not flat I don't believe you.The next thing they will be telling me is Pluto is not a planet.

I just love the use of the word "DENIER" now, it was the word that even their own whackos warned was galvanising the AGW sceptical movement as it was such a foul and derogatory smear. Well guess what your itch to smear and insult in the most foulest of low brow ways has actively contributed to your downfall. Keep trying it though. I actually pity you as sometimes it is hard to blame those who were born with inate character flaws it should I feel be seen as an actual mental disability. Woops, I just at all my Green M&Ms first!

I support your rally for the long term future of people on this planet. So much misinformation and lack of understanding about CO2 pollution and the purpose of the tax.

CO2 has risen from 280-390ppm over the last 150 or so years after 1000 years of relative stability and is now higher than in the last 800,000 years. The only possible reason I have heard for the increase is for mans apparently minuscule contribution. This already proves that man can have a major influence on a global parameter, a greenhouse gas, that increases warming, more droughts and more extreme weather events like floods due to the increased moisture in the atmosphere. The last decade was the hottest on record and the last 12 months saw 18 countries with heat records set and with numerous record floods all over the globe.

The Carbon tax is to send a price signal to major pollutors to move to a more renewable and sustainable infrastructure and will only impact the ordinary Aussie by about 1%. This is a global problem and we need to be part of the solution as we are already experiencing the impacts. China has been doing a lot and has proposed much more.
CO2 emissions per capita:
Australia: 16.5444 per 1,000 people
China: 2.65908 per 1,000 people
Why should we expect a less developed country to carry us just because we are small?
This is for the well being of our future for us and our descendants.
Facts are low in this debate while greed is high. Can we have a rally for Perth?

Australia produces less Carbon than any other country per square kilometre in the world we carry China. I too can use stats to suit my opinion

Your stats are ridiculous. On a person by person basis we ridiculously pollute the world with abandon, not caring for anyone else when compared to China. We are not 'carrying' them just because there is a lot of them. This is a global problem and only a global solution will do. On that basis it is what every individual produces that is what is important. Ps you did not produce any statistics.

My stats are fact China as a country creates more pollution than Australia easy to tell you have never been to China you cant see through the pollution in Shanghai You can quote all you want I don't believe you because I know what I have seen. Manila is also more polluted than any Australian city and yes it's because there is more people.Go to India and look with your own eyes our water our air is 10000 times cleaner. Its not about what each person produces its about how much pollution that is emitted per square kilometer in other words keep your area clean and it's easy for Australia because there is not many people in our area.

Dont be so idiotic you Ftard, its the people that produce CO2, not the land.

A person produces CO2.

The better their lifestyle, the more things they have to do and consume, the more they produce.

Australians produce more per person than china, this is because the Australian INDIVIDUALS living standards are absurdly higher than the INDIVIDUAL Chinese person.

You surely cant expect the chinese to cut their CO2 per person even lower, while you continue to produce as much as you want. In other words, you cant expect the individual Chinese, who already live frugally, to cut their living standards even further, just so you can maintain your own absurdly high living standards.

Every individual is responsable for their own CO2 output, every person also has the right to emit the same amount of CO2. Therefore Australia must cuts its CO2 levels, else its hypocritical to expext anything at all from China, and we will also have trade tariffs imposed against us for failing to do so.

While the mc mansions, the 4 cars and 3 overseas holidays a year might have to be cut from your life, your actual living standards dont have to fall as much IF you just make your CO2 usage more efficient.

Man there is a lot anus dwellers on here whinging just because we are having a rally, and we already beat them today on saturday (in numbers), we dont care if you have a rally righto nutchewers, but its our right to have one too, a bigger one.

The majority of Aussie support CO2 tax, as shown today when the numbers turned out in their thousands, and their hundreds.
Thousands for the tax.
Only a few hundred lonely rightys against.
Proof beyond all doubt!

It seems GetUp is not of the people nor is it for the people. It is of the left wing for the left wing and happy to see everybody else screwed.

the best way to scrw everyone is to ignore global warming

My Grand Father told me a long time ago if the Government could find a way to tax the air we breath they would.
And i thought he was going mad. Sorry Grand Dad you were right again

Business has been screwing the air we breathe for a long time. As business doesn't include the environmental and social cost of pollution, it is a grand market failure. As business has failed to regulate itself to prevent injury to the environment (which is all of us), it is time for this aspect of business to be regulated. Bring on a carbon tax!

Honestly, are all you people Young Liberals in disguise with nothing better to do than surf the Indymedia website trashing science and sustainable planning? It sure looks like it!

you noticed as well.

pretty lame ass trolls on in indymedia historic troll-scale.

these kids have nothing on nazihunter, the zio-nazis, national anarchists and that time tom flipped out... ahh memories.

Been a Labor supporter all my life until now.but I still can't vote liberal or Green the sex party is looking good!

Honestly,are all you Greens in disguise with nothing better to do than than surf the indymedia website and agree with the science and sustainable planning Hoax ?It sure looks like it

Who cares if a mob of modern day Luddites takes a stand against the tsunami of support for a carbon tax sweeping the world, apart from the obvious entertainment value. Don't use non-renewable energy, don't pay the tax.

Er, do you know what a Luddite is? I'll tell you, it's a movement that opposes modern technology with roots in anti industrialisation by textile artisans in the 19th century. When Combet tells us to turn off lights, air conditioners etc. when Brown, Milne et al want to ban coal, close down coal fired power stations etc. who do you think is anti industrialisation those against the carbon tax or for it? Please, once again, who are the Luddites?

Wrong. "Luddite" is a term describing those opposed to industrialisation {Wikipedia]. Carbon tax is a direct response in the provision of a sustainable post-industrial world. Those who oppose a sustainable future inclusive of industrialisation oppose a carbon tax. Luddites were the laughing stock of their day and still are, as those who oppose a carbon tax have become and will be long into the future. Enjoy your anti-carbon tax rallies, such riveting irresponsibility only emerges every couple of centuries, a rare gem of political theatre.

Luddite /lid-uyt/n.1 hist. a member of the bands of English workers (1811-16)who destroyed newly introduced machinery which they thought would cause unemployment.
2.a person who opposes the introduction of new technology (such as computers etc)or new working methods(probably named after Ned Lud a person who destroyed some machinery c.1779)

"Luddite" is a term describing those opposed to industrialisation [Wikipedia]. Bring on the Pythonesque reports of anti-carbon tax rallies. The spectre of citizens gathering in support of global climate chaos, the death of billions of fellow citizens by starvation, drowning and assorted other environmental catastrophes, the end of technology as we know it and quite possibly of human existence, all entirely with exactly nil prospect of success in the modern world, is just plain awesome. Froot loops have never been so flavoursome.

Death of Billions BULL SHIT

If I turn the light to have a piss in the dunny at night can I choose if it is renewable or not I pay extra for green energy but i'm still going to pay a carbon tax on it so I have dumped the green energy I was paying extra for that too was a con

No you dont have to pay a carbon tax on sources of energy that are not derived from carbon, green energy doesnt come from carbon, so there is no carbon to be taxed, therefore no tax.

Attempts to make a myth here people.

Unless he just didnt know/understand how tax works.

why would you think that?

given that there isn't even a tax yet but you claim to already paying a tax on your green power i call bull shit.

so why do feel the need to lie?

Keep trying to destroy electricity one of the single greatest industrial discoveries in history (damn this extended life expectancy sucks) ... Luds

who is trying to destroy electricity?

the anti-carbon tax mob. destroy the Earth destroy electricity!

Rid us of coal rid us off electricity ... luds. And for goodness sake stop this we are destroying the planet stuff please that religion is dead and buried back to the fringes with all the other cults it goes now that this carbon tax has forced people to come out and express their true beliefs in AGW, i.e. they don't.

Exactly, citizens of all cults and religions are perfectly entitled to come out and attend anti-carbon tax rallies to express their true beliefs in support of destroying the planet.

Exactly, citizens of all cults and religions are perfectly entitled to come out and attend a counter rally to express their true beliefs in support of destroying families and our economy

the economy is stuffing up the world. Look around you want more concrete buildings? Do you want more trees cut down? Do you desire that more animals be killed for more people being born? Think about it people. We need an economy based on therapy like massage, positive thinking, paying people to spread enlightened ideas, healthy organic food, sustainable living, we don't need governments for this. we don't want an economy based on arms, mining uranium and dumping it, greedy bankers and corporates. We want an overhaul of the economy. What do you do for a job? How much do you get paid? A mate of mine works in Karutha as an industrial abseiler in stinking hot conditions for the gas pipelines and gets paid 15,000 dollars for 2 weeks work. I work at 15 dollars per hour as a cleaner. If that gas pipeline erupts then what happens then? The maintenance of all of these horrid things is killing us all. We ought begin to dismantle these monstrosities and begin with clean energies. Ta.