Brisbane forum: The War on Wikileaks

The release of millions of Stratfor documents by Wikileaks this week has shown the world the gross injustice being meted out on Julian Assange for his part in establishing the Wikileaks institution in an attempt to make democracy accountable.

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Nyoongar Tent Embassy - 1 Nyoongar Way, Mattagarup - the story to date

Police move in to smash the spirit of Nyoongar Tent Embassy

by Gerry Georgatos
Following Thursday evening when 60 police officers marched into Nyoongar Tent Embassy to pull down and confiscate tents, and which included an arrest, the Western Australian police force flexed its muscle once again on the Friday afternoon on behalf of the Perth City Council and the Barnett state government.

Warren Mundine's brave face but gutted - our source correct about Senator Bob Carr!

Gerry Georgatos Former ALP president and Bandjalung man, Warren Mundine is putting on a brave face after being denied the opportunity to become the first Aboriginal federal Labor politician.

Mr Mundine has congratulated former NSW premier Bob Carr on his nomination to the vacant Senate position - after Mark Arbib, who held the Indigenous Employment portfolio till taken over by Julie Collins in the previous ministerial reshuffle, dramatically resigned on the same day Prime Minister Julia Gillard out-balloted Kevin Rudd, 71-31 to hold on to the leadership of the ALP and the prime minister-ship.

When the Senate position became vacant Mr Mundine declared himself available to fill the position and it is understood he and his supporters lobbied strongly.

Support growing for national unity government

Goodooga, northwest NSW, 1 March 2012 - - There have been many offers of financial and in kind support from individuals and groups very interested in engaging with the Aboriginal movement to form a national unity government, says Euahlayi activist, Michael Anderson. The movement was launched at the recent 40th anniversary corroboree of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra, of which Anderson is the last survivor of the four men who set it up in 1972.

Historic day for the Adnyamathanha over Arkaroola

By Gerry Georgatos

The Traditional Owners of the Arkaroola sanctuary in South Australia's northern Flinders ranges are now able to rest easy with a new law banning miners from the region. Late into the night on February 28 the South Australian Upper House passed legislation that will ensure protection of the environmentally sensitive lands.

YES, there are numbats in Warrup

by Gerry Georgatos Conservationists have been campaigning to save what they say is WA's largest numbat colony in Warrup. The Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) had been denying such a colony existed.

The conservationists have called for a halt to logging in Warrup after finding what they say is irrefutable evidence of endangered numbats living near the logging in Warrup.

Lobbygate - "The Prime Minister would have to resign"

By Gerry Georgatos
The Office of the Prime Minister continues to deny any involvement in sparking the Lobby restaurant incident - and their official spokesperson claims that Tony Hodges went rogue and acted alone. Two separate well placed sources in government and who are close to the Office of the Prime Minister have said that Mr Hodges did not act alone and that indeed the Office of the Prime Minister was extensively involved.

Biggest ever environmental rally in Malaysia - Against Australian company Lynas Pty Ltd

Australia’s Lynas Rare Earth Plant made history in Malaysia today when a nationwide rally to stop the project occurred. An estimated 20,000 citizens together with Malaysian civil society organisations converged in Kuantan for a rally to protest against the Lynas project and to demand for a clean and safe future for Malaysia. The Stop Lynas campaign has escalated into the biggest ever environmental issue for the country. Participants arrived from all over the country including the east Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak.
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Macklin exposed: NT consultations may face legal challenge

Kristy O'Brien ABC News February 15, 2012
A former chief justice of the Family Court of Australia, Alastair Nicholson, says transcripts of Federal Government consultations in Indigenous communities could be used to wage a High Court legal battle. The group Concerned Australians has released transcripts recorded in the Northern Territory as part of consultations about the Stronger Futures legislation, which will replace laws governing the Emergency Intervention in the Territory in August. Mr Nicholson is a member of the group.

Labor and Liberal join forces - Scullion does the deal for nuclear waste at Muckaty

Published by courtesy of Stephen Hagan, Editor of the National Indigenous Times
The story appeared in its 15 February edition

A nuclear waste dump in the Northern Territory is a step closer to reality, after the ALP and the Federal Coalition parties revealed they had struck a deal on laws to allow a facility to be built. Despite calls from a local Aboriginal group at Muckaty Station and the Australian Greens for debate to be postponed, the Senate began debating the National Radioactive Waste Management Bill last week.