Fun and Games in the lead up to QLD elections

There must be something in the water this week as politicians, billionaires and religious zealots converge on Queensland in the days before this weekend's state election, sparking national controversy and protests.

Act against the Stronger Futures legislation before it's too late

The vote in the Senate on the Stronger Futures Legislation is now imminent. This bill will extend the NT Intervention for another ten years and make the stripping of the rights and dignity of Indigenous people in the NT an ongoing reality. The campaign against this bill has been gathering momentum. Watch this video here on the Stand for Freedom website. Sign the petition which now has over 30,000 signatures. The Government is deliberately ignoring the consultation process in the form of the Senate Committee where communities such as Maningrida expressed their hostility to the bill. The Nygoongar Embassy has also rejected the bill instead calling for Australia to Pay the Rent. The time for action for those who want defend Indigenous rights in this country is now. Sign the petition. Write or call your Senator. There can be no reconciliation without justice.

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"Pay the Rent" - say Nyoongars - "Stronger Futures can go straight to hell"

Gerry Georgatos
With the Stronger Futures debacle in the Australian Senate the following could not be more timely. Nyoongar rights advocate and CEO of Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation, Robert Eggington has gathered together with several prominent Nyoongars, and a large number of the Nyoongar community, to announce their own Native Title proposals for the state government to consider.

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The south west of WA is drying up - climate change everywhere

Gerry Georgatos

This summer the south west of Western Australia has experienced a record series of heatwaves - eight, and climate trends during the last four decades show a rise in temperatures and a drying climate. According too the Weather Bureau and CSIRO WA's south west is drying faster than other part of the country and scientists say it will have a transforming effect on agriculture and the habitats, and there will be an increased risk of bushfires.

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Stolen wages remain stolen with $2,000 offer

by Gerry Georgatos The Stolen Wages campaign has taken an almighty setback in Western Australia when the state government tossed up a disturbingly paltry compensation offer - and which requires one to extinguish all rights to any further claims if they accept the offer.

According to the state's Indigenous Affairs Minister, Peter Collier, there are at best only 1,400 'legitimate' claimants and he has ruled out the right of families to claim or benefit. Minister Collier, on behalf of the Colin Barnett government has ruled out 100% redress for the wages withheld by government agencies from Aboriginal workers, and is limiting compensation to a one-off maximum cap $2000 payment.

Greenpeace activists say coal ship highlights 'Reef in danger'

Greenpeace activists targeted a bulk coal carrier in Gladstone harbour early this morning. They painted 'reef in danger' on the side of the ship around dawn from two inflatable boats to highlight the massive expansion of coal port facilities and shipping through the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef. The action was undertaken to highlight the threat to the Greet Barrier Reef from industrial development and expansion to a UNESCO team visiting Queensland to assess the dangers to the Great Barrier Reef and it's World Heritage status.

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Conflict at night as Japanese whaling vessels harass lone Sea Shepherd ship

Conflict at night on the high seas of the southern ocean whale sanctuary as two Japanese harpoon ships harass Sea Shepherd activists on board the Bob Barker in an attempt to throw them off the tail of the Nisshin Maru whaling factory ship. The weapons in this mini conflict were Tow lines, lasers, spotlights and rockets (flares). The harassment occurred as night was rapidly falling with snow flurries in the air, and within hours of the Bob Barker sighting the Nisshin Maru.

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We are lucky Bob Carr was not appointed Indigenous Affairs Minister!

Gerry Georgatos

Former NSW premier, Bob Carr, autocratically selected by Prime Minister Julia Gillard, without it going to a vote of even the Cabinet, to fill the vacant Senate position meant Warren Mundine, who lobbied for the senatorial vacancy was overlooked - and who would have been the first ALP Aboriginal federal parliamentarian in the hundred year history of the party. The Prime Minister has publicly said that she values Mr Carr’s advice and that she has often consulted him on a range of issues.

How Australia’s right to know is being systematically perverted and denied!

Is there a recent issue in Australian politics, which has been more reported to death, bored and offended us more than Kevin udd’s planned comeback as Prime Minister? How many times has the media reported Kevin Rudd’s renewed leadership ambitions and the fact he was convinced he was a better PM than Julia Gillard? At the very same time my long suffering son Jordan, a victim of human rights abuses and a very high level political cover up, continues to be a victim of Mr Rudd’s, Julia Gillard’s and Anna Bligh’s failed leadership, lack of moral compass and simply astounding inhumanity and un-Christianity. It was also not easy to watch his wife, Therese Rein tell us how Queensland is just so in love with her husband Kevin and absolutely wants him back as PM! Ah the hubris!

“Stronger Futures will kill us”

The federal government’s special measures under the proposed Stronger Futures laws “will kill Aboriginal people”, a forum in Maningrida, broadcast by National Indigenous Television (NITV), heard from an Elder.