Catholic church ramps up war on same-sex marriage.

"Marriage is founded on the wonderful fact of sexual difference and its potential for new life. Without this there would be no human beings and no future."1

That's what Catholics across the country are being told this weekend, in a letter calling on parishioners to campaign against same-sex marriage.

The letter, signed by six Bishops, goes on to argue that marriage equality would undermine family life and damage society. It comes just four days before the Senate Inquiry into Marriage Equality closes for submissions, in the largest push yet to convince members of the Senate Committee that the majority of Australians are against marriage equality.

We know this isn't true. The majority of people with faith don't support this view and are for ending marriage discrimination.2

We have just four days to convince the Committee to remove all discriminatory references from the Marriage Act – to allow all people, regardless of sex, sexuality and gender identity, the opportunity to marry.

Let's make sure the Committee understands the weight of public opinion is with us, make a submission here:

The Senate Inquiry is an important political process built to better canvass public opinion. We know public opinion is on our side, now we need to turn that support into action so that the Inquiry can pressure Parliament to finally do the right thing.

It's as easy as taking two minutes to share why this change is important to you:

Whether you're gay or straight, single, in a relationship or married, taking the time to tell the Parliamentary Committee why you support the rights of all couples, and why you support full legal equality, could make all the difference.

Let's not let the bigotry of a small number of close-minded Bishops misrepresent the Christian community and Australia more broadly - take a few minutes to share your story and stand up for equality!

Members of Parliament are still undecided and will make up their minds based on the Committee's evidence.

By reminding them that legalising same-sex marriage is fundamentally a question of fairness and equality your voice can help convince them of why such a chorus of Australians are calling for change.

Thanks for all you do,
Paul, for the GetUp team.




Consummation of a marriage, in many traditions and statutes of civil or religious law, is the first (or first officially credited) act of sexual intercourse between man and woman, either following their marriage to each other or after a prolonged sexual attraction. Its legal significance arises from theories of marriage as having the purpose of producing legally recognized descendants of the partners, or of providing sanction to their sexual acts together, or both, and amounts to treating a marriage ceremony as falling short of completing the creation of the state of being married. Thus in some Western traditions, a marriage is not considered a binding contract until and unless it has been consummated.
Since sodomy and mastibation is not sex how can a Homosexual marriage be consummated?
If Homosexuals want to spend their life together fine!but they can not be married because they do not fit the criteria.May be they need to use another word for their Homosexual life together and let it be legally reconised by the Government.
Because I and many others don't think homosexuals should be allowed to get married because marriage is for men and women why are we called Homophobic?That is as stupid as saying if someone critisises Israel for having illegal nuclear weapons or the treatment of the Palestinians they are holocaust denier's or anti Semitic,Grow up.

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