Billboard liberated in Melbourne for Invasion day

Please see attached picture of a billboard that was liberated on the eve of invasion day. What a nice thing to stumble across on my way home late one night.

invasiondaybillboardliberationpic.JPG55.1 KB

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Awesome, I got me a new desktop background

Awesome, I got me a new desktop background.
It's 100% true.

Maybe England should have a Norman invasion day

Maybe England should have an invasion day for when the normans invaded them all that time ago?

.....cause they are discriminated against in their own country?!

oh yeah, cause the english are being discriminated against in their own country?! come on


Just wondering if the first fleet landed in 1770 and it is now 2012 thats 242 years how do you come to the 231 year figure?

Much deeper than racial discrimination of Aboriginal Australians

The politics behind "invasion day" and "sovereignty" go much deeper than the racial discrimmination of aboriginal Australia.


Noel (and others),

it would be helpful (saving us time) if you could write your own headings.

Noel, I mistakenly destroyed the exchange between us about differences between the parties. If you've still got them somewhere, you're welcome to put them back up.

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