Occupy Canberra - October 15th 2011

On October 15th, a small group of people in Canberra gathered at City Hill to be part of the global Occupy day of action. The following is an account from an organiser, Nicholas, via the Occupy Canberra Facebook Pge.

"Wow what a productive day! So everyone arrived today at City Hill at 2:30 PM and introduced themselves along with they're reasons for coming. Two different media groups arrived, took some short interviews and footage. All up we had about 25 - 35 people who brought along awesome signs for protest.

About 5 of us brought tents but due to that small number we decided it would be unreasonable to occup...y as we could easily be out numbered, fined or arrested.

SO WE MOVED ON and decided to triumphantly march on to the city. Armed with our voices and signs of protest we headed to Garema place and shortly over to the water fountain where several of us made our presence heard with a loud-speaker.

In only one weeks time entirely over Facebook we have managed to gather enough support to get the attention of the Canberra times, ABC and other news groups. We stood today, gathered in solidarity to represent the 99%, our beliefs our values and to display courage.

Because of us Australia can not say Canberra was the only state to not launch a protest.

And for that we each did an amazing job. I want you all to give yourselves a pat on the back because you succeeded in demonstrating a peaceful protest.

And for it we did some awesome work.
Well done Canberra,



25-35 people? theres so many angry people who have had enough of coporate greed... trouble is we don't know when these events are on.

my letter to getup...

I joined Getup cause I thought I'd be able to get advanced warning when the next protest is, as I'm sick of seeing a big protest on the news and think "if only I knew about it". Why didn't getup provide advice to your 1/2 million members these "occupy" events were happenning? Seems pretty poor form!