Efforts stepped up to persecute and arrest Julian Assange

Two days after Wikileaks released thousands of embarrassing U.S. secret diplomatic cables, Interpol has had added Julian Assange to its "most wanted" list. The timing is supposedly coincidental as the "red notice" is supposedly about him be being wanted for questioning in Sweden over rape charges. These rape charges themselves arose two days before Assange's application for citizenship were rejected in Sweden, which would have given him protection as a whistleblower under Swedish laws. They are obviously trumped up and are serving as a pretext to get Assange into custody where he can be duly handed over to the Americans for imprisonment and possibly torture or even execution.

The news comes as the U.S. has stated that it is investigating charging Assange under the Espionage Act. Right wing politicians have been calling for his arrest for treason, for him to be waterboarded or even killed.

The Australian Government has joined the campaign against him Wikileaks announcing the formation of a taskforce to investigate if the release of the cables is a breach of Australian law. Kevin Rudd has called for him to facethe consequences of his action. Read more analysis of the Australian Government response at the World Socialist Website

The hunting down of Julian Assange and Wikileaks for daring to expose the crimes of the U.S. Administration shows how quickly much of the Western World is following the U.S. down the path of a police state. Julian Assange and Private Bradley Manning who is currently incarcerated under suspicion of releasing documents to Wikileaks revealling U.S. War Crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq and brave peaceful warriors standing up to the powerful, murderous criminal states that run this world. They need to be defended and shown solidarity and the Australian Government will stand condemned for its complicity and persecution of one of its own citizens. Andrew Wilkie, recently elected Federal MP and former whistleblower on the bogus intelligence used to invade Iraq is saying what any with eyes and ears already knows the charges against Assange are a set up designed to silence him and Wikileaks.


One plane in one tower may be an accident, but two planes in two towers are an action. Two accusations of abuse coming up just like this are either a character suicide or a character assassination, but certainly not a character accident. Such a double hit does not result from someone losing self control. What I would like to see is leaked evidence proving the suspicion of attempted character assassination. If two individuals were tracked because they dated with another individual who is being hunted, and mentally abused by the panoptic hegemony, there are quite a few surveillance regime bureaucrats who should have a bad feeling about this infantile inquisition.